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User Info: Krazyzark

6 years ago#1
Just made a 96 era Undertaker with the Purple gloves and boots and found there are some liberties taken with the in-game Undertaker. First of all, he gets Outside Dive even though he's a super-heavyweight, whereas super-heavyweight CAWs cannot get Outside Dive (no UT Rope Flip, dammit). Also, there's no way to have a CAW sit up like UT.

I also witnessed my first Undertaker interference. When I had the upper hand, the lights went to dark blue as the UT's bell rang, and then he appeared in the middle of the ring. After he hit me with a tombstone, he did his "Power of the Urn" pose and the bells and lights did their thing again and he disappeared. Pretty cool... of course, no way for a CAW to do that stuff either. Damn.

Don't you wish THQ/Yukes would make these kind of things selectable. Same with the superstar faces. it'd be nice to just be able to COPY a superstar to a CAW slot and then change the outfit... but I guess they don't want people making Cena look like a cross between Eugene and Billy&Chuck.

Also, had an idea on how to improve the Ladder/MITB matches (and TLC since in this game they are just plain old Ladder matches with tables made available as well). How about, instead of having to hold onto that damn BRIEFCASE (when is a title suspended in a briefcase? it's fine for MITB, but not a title match) for an eternity, they could make you use the analog sticks as they do now, but instead of just holding it for that long time, you would have to do a button combo. They could display the button signals on the case/belt icon (they can make a belt icon). Just a random combo of button presses, let's say 8 - 12 total accurate button presses, to give it some time so it's not just a climb the ladder and win thing. And make TLC matches have selectable Pin&Submit options like the Cage matches.
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