Career mode and Create Mode question

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User Info: VulcanShock45

4 years ago#1
Alright, So i'm positive this board is completely dead but i need to ask this question somewhere and considering its a PS2 issue i decided to ignore the PS3 board on this mainly since that is dead as well.

Anyways my first question is regarding Career mode and that is i don't know why but career mode match victories always either take a long time or never load, Would that be a common issue or is it my PS2 or disc?

My other question is regarding created superstars, I never edited his nickname so it calls him default, how do i change that without having to completely remake the character i tried going into edit but i don't want to delete my road to Wrestlemania data since i just finished it.

And a final question, Are there any WWE games out there that let you crate a character AND a championship belt as i have a faint memory of doing so at a friends house i don't remember if it was 2007 or 2008 though.

Anyways if anyone actually checks this board and answers me i would really appreciate it. Lol. Time to play the waiting game.
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  3. Career mode and Create Mode question

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