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7 years ago#1

Does Anybody Here In Gamespot Knows the CWCHEAT Code For The Layer Hack??

User Info: haramiharami

7 years ago#2
yes i have a caw layer id codes for cw cheats svr 2010.and i had made 4 caws hogan.austin,yoshi tatsu, and goldberg.i hve used 32 layers to make them look perfect.and im really very happy.i also has many other codes for 100 max atrributes,non playable characters like doctor,jerry,jr.shanemcmahon.vickie guerrero.hornswoggle.and finally stone cold.i also had new arenas.and new extreme rules weapon from mic to beer can.also many more new move sets.i can help u if u wnt

User Info: noone22

7 years ago#3
yes please

User Info: leocorradini

7 years ago#4
Hey haramiharami, could ya help me too? I really need some help because besides I want those codes, I used a damn code to 100 overall and then my CAW's overall dropped to 0. Thx alredy.
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User Info: ambar_hitman

7 years ago#5
lol haramiharami are you Indian? Anyways can you upload the save game?
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User Info: leocorradini

7 years ago#6
Hey, you can forget about the 0 overall, already fixed it, but i"d still like the codes, OK?
Triple H: 13 times World Champion!

User Info: haramiharami

7 years ago#7
amber,wt u mean by tat im indian.yes im indian so wt.anything funny y ru laughing.for my other frnds yes i like to help im posting all my codes for layer hacks a full details on how to use dem in cw cheats.and plz follow step by step as i show.ok.after tat i will post other codes.first for caw 1.listen u need to create a caw like normal.and wen it says youve reach maximum layers jst save ur caw.after tat.connect ur psp and go to seplugins an cwcheats and go to cheat right click on cheat and open with wordpad.and u will see alot of codes jst ignore dem.nw u jst hve to paste in dere wt i will post ok

User Info: haramiharami

7 years ago#8
_S ULUS-10452
_G Smackdown Vs Raw 2010
_CO Caw 1 Layer 17 Hack
_L 0x0044A90A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 18 Hack
_L 0x0044A92A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 19 Hack
_L 0x0044A94A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 20 Hack
_L 0x0044A96A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 21 Hack
_L 0x0044A98A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 22 Hack
_L 0x0044A9AA 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 23 Hack
_L 0x0044A9CA 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 24 Hack
_L 0x0044A9EA 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 25 Hack
_L 0x0044AA0A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 26 Hack
_L 0x0044AA2A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 27 Hack
_L 0x0044AA4A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 28 Hack
_L 0x0044AA6A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 29 Hack
_L 0x0044AA8A 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 30 Hack
_L 0x0044AAAA 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 31 Hack
_L 0x0044AACA 0x000000??
_CO Caw 1 Layer 32 Hack
_L 0x0044AAEA 0x000000??
Nw paste dis in ur cheat open by word pad i shwd u.after tat saved it.nw wt u hve to do is tat the ?? file u will see i pastes in _L u hve to add it by layers it depends on wt layers u wnt for ur frm 17 till 32 fill the ?? with number of layers like dis eg._CO Caw 1 Layer 30 Hack _L 0x0044AAAA 0x0000010 like dis 10 is the no of layer i pt it means i isd a hat. i wnt to put in my fill all adress of ?? wid no of layers i will paste wid their values.ok

User Info: haramiharami

7 years ago#9
CAW Item Values:

02 = Definition (Body Skin)
04 = Skin Tone (Face Skin)
05 = Eye Type
06 = Eye Brows
07 = Eyelashes
08 = Lips
09 = Teeth
0A = Hair
0C = Sideburns
0D = Mustache
0E = Goatee
0F = Templates
10 = Hats (Headwear)
11 = Masks (Headwear)
12 = Glasses (Headwear)
13 = Horns (Headwear)
14 = Other (Headwear)
15 = Tops (Female)
16 = Tops (Male)
17 = Wrestling Attire
18 = Jackets
1A = Elbow Pads
1B = Arms/Wrists
1C = Hands (Gloves)
1D = Underwear
1E = Wrestling Tights
1F = Bottoms (Male)
20 = Bottoms (Female)
21 = Knee Pads
22 = Socks
23 = Boots/Shoes
24 = Scars/Piercings
25 = Marks
26 = Make-Up
27 = Face Paint
28 = Tattoo Torso
29 = Tattoo Arm
2A = Tattoo Legs
2B = Tattoo Back
2C = Piercings
2D = Body Accessories
2E = Arm Accessories
30 = Belts
31 = WWE Logos
32 = Design
33 = Flag
34 = Alphabet
35 = Numeral
36 = Chinese
37 = Japanese
38 = Sign
39 = Facial Features
3A = Body Hair (Front)
3B = Body Hair (Back)
3C = Body Hair (Forearms)
3D = Body Hair (Legs)
3E = Mask Designs
3F = Wrestling Tights Designs

when you replaced the "??"s with whatever value you want... you are ready to copy and paste them to your CHEAT.DB

Like this:

_S ULES (what ever your game Serial is..
_G WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw 2010
_C0 Caw 1 Layer 17 Hack
_L 0x0044A90A 0x0000002D
_C0 Caw 1 Layer 18 Hack
_L 0x0044A92A 0x0000003F
_C0 Caw 1 Layer 19 Hack
_L 0x0044A94A 0x00000039
_C0 Caw 1 Layer 20 Hack
_L 0x0044A96A 0x0000003E
_C0 Caw 1 Layer 21 Hack
_L 0x0044A98A 0x00000018

etc... you fill in all the 32/ amount of layers you want in with "??" like I did and.NOTE: Your caw MUST be Caw number 1 for it to work.and wen u fill wid wtever layer u wnt save it.after tat unplug ur psp.start the game and let it load till its homepage.after tat hold the select button and go to select cheat u will see caw layer hack frm 17 till 32 activate it to yes and den go back and activate enable cheat also to yes.Now BECAUSE you filled your caw with Maximum number of layers (16); you need to start hacking from layer 17. NEVER start hacking from layer 1 when you filled your caw with 16 layers because the layers will be replaced.Go to the game and ENABLE the cheats, then go to the caw you have made the cheats for (example caw 1) then you will see some stuff has been added to your caw. To edit them, go to "Edit Layers" option and then edit them with your own liking. remember go to edit layers and add new caw to ur full 16 layers caw.ok hope its nt too hard and i help u with lots of dese reply me if u got any problem.u can also add me in yahoo my id is u can tell me ur querries der on microphone.bye

User Info: leocorradini

7 years ago#10
Hey haramiharami, thanks! I'll try it just now! PS: I'm brazilian
Triple H: 13 times World Champion!

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