Anyway to up the challenge in this game?

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  3. Anyway to up the challenge in this game?

User Info: alexg1989

7 years ago#1
I'm a huge wrestling junky and I really like the svr series, especially svr 2010 (since I love being able to make my own storylines) but my biggest complaint is that they're just too easy. I have the difficulty set to legend, all the counter rate points are set to max and finisher strength is at medium.

In fact the only real challenge I've experienced has been 'cheap' difficulty, and that was on the story mode during the triple threat and fatal four way matches where it was almost impossible to get a pin because no matter how much you beat all the opponents, they would ALWAYS get up right when you pin someone. That was just cheap.

Anyway, I want the matches to last a while and I want to feel victorious when I win. The matches in WWF No Mercy were almost always epic on expert difficulty because I never really knew if I was going to win. (I usually did but sometimes I got whooped). In svr 2010 it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that I will win. I hate cheap difficulty so do not suggest putting myself in a handicap match. That would just be lame. I want one on one matches to be of the same caliber that any of the Rock and Stone Cold Wrestlemania matches were.

User Info: SonofMetalGear

7 years ago#2
Didn't understand all that jibber jabber
Technically been an original G member since 1998 before CJayC left
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  3. Anyway to up the challenge in this game?

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