SSJ Bardock vs 100% Frieza what if?

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User Info: Frienever

8 years ago#1
This is just a dream I have 2 days ago!

Oh man, 2 days ago I have a dream about DBRB and there were 2 new scans and 1 show Goku having the Yardrat costume and his Angry Kamehameha look way different than in BT3 and in the beta demo we saw at E3. In the dream scan, I saw Goku point his hand in front and form an energy ball then pull back and shoot a yellow beam instead of blue, and very funny is that Goku is in his base form wearing the Yardrat costume.

Onto 2nd dream scan, Bardock was a SSJ, and man, he look buff up like how Goku were in Namek when fighting against Frieza, and bardock armor was kind of ripped like battle damage against 100% Frieza, kind of like Goku, but instead it was Bardock and his battle damage armor look awesome and he even have yellow aura all over his body. It's like a what if Bardock went SSJ against Frieza.

Then I woke up and oh well, you guys know the rest of the story.

But hell yeah, I do wish Spike would consider doing cool what if like that.
Also more what if like SSJ3 Goku against LSSJ Broly and Gogeta against Super Buuhan instead of Vegito, and maybe LSSJ Broly kill Frieza instead lol.

User Info: Oreno5267

8 years ago#2
thats a great idea.
Gamefaqs needs an EDIT button like seriously.
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User Info: II Sora II

II Sora II
8 years ago#3
Did you post this once before? I'm getting major deja vu-age @_@.
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User Info: Chrebet808

8 years ago#4
im sure he has, along with 1500 pictures of himself shooped to look like super saiyan bardock
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User Info: JediMarine

8 years ago#5
is anyone weirded out by this?? a dude that dreams about a game screen scan? I hope you had some chicks in there too. If you not your either 40 or 10 years old
Life is too long

User Info: NHawk316

8 years ago#6
lol i was thinking the same thing!!! dreaming with a game? like......... o....k dude what the hell? but its a good idea none the less but i doubt it will happen,the closest is a extra costume for goku in armored sayain clothing
Does it feel like it only just begun!

User Info: ZikenX

8 years ago#7

Nice dream, keep upthe use of immagination.

Didn't I mention something about you avatar? Oh, that's right, you somehow got it deleted.

I'm just trying to warn the mods, that your avatar is very disturbing to look at. And I don't believe anyone wants to see it.

User Info: DSKEmmanuel

8 years ago#8
I remember right before SSBB came out, I dreamt one of the characters was Optimus Prime. He was all huge, and turned into a truck to smash the 3 players away off screen. It was bad ass.
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User Info: Ragiroth

8 years ago#9
They really do need to give Bardock an SS form as a what if.

User Info: BDKMRV

8 years ago#10
Vueguy can type properly? WTH!#$%?#@%
Ok. That's nice to know, but just call me BDK.
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