Super saiyan 4 goku vs. super buu (gohan absorbed).

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User Info: Bryon15

8 years ago#1
Let's say that in the anime king yanma didn't send vegeta back to fight majin buu. And goku was there alone after buu absorbed mystic gohan. Let's say that through some kind of insane way goku is able to transform himself into super saiyan 4!! Could he defeat super buu?
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User Info: BDKMRV

8 years ago#2
But that can't happen.
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User Info: IUsed2

8 years ago#3
we don't know. You have to realize that the ssj4 goku in GT is much stronger than the theoretical one you're talking about. In this example we have goku going from ssj3 to ssj4. However in GT, base goku at the start of GT is as strong as kid buu. So SSJ4 goku in GT is much stronger than the one here.

User Info: Liam2600

8 years ago#4
^^^ Exactly. GT SSj4 Goku would ANNIHILATE Super Buuhan in a heart beat. Hell, GT SSj1 Goku would.

The possibility that Goku went SSj4 in DBZ (Z SSj4 Goku, we'll call him), would make for an interesting bout. SSj4 Goku would probably still win, since as we know the power increase from SSj3 to SSj4 is the largest increase a Saiyan gets of ALL the forms (typical Toei, always have to make THEIR creations the better ones than the originals). He's probably somewhere between Vegito and SSj Vegito's power level.
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User Info: m03y_sabz

8 years ago#5

Super saiyan 4 goku vs. super buu (gohan absorbed)

ssj4 goku would win 4 sure

User Info: Frienever

8 years ago#6
SSJ4 Goku, Supabuuhan is a weakling.
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User Info: Infamous_666

8 years ago#7
Boohan is no weakling.

As much as I hate GT, the fact is that:
SSJ4 Goku (before powering up past his limits) > Super Vegetto > Boohan

because Kaioshin said that SSJ4 Goku was the strongest power he had ever felt, and he had previously sensed Super Vegetto's Ki.

User Info: IUsed2

8 years ago#8
and plus majuub was stated to be as strong as vegetto and he got wtfpwn'd pretty easily
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User Info: SupKaiokenSonic

8 years ago#9

Super Buu>>SSJ3 Goku

Mystic Gohan>>SSJ3 Goku

But you expect SSJ4 Goku>>Super Buu + Mystic Gohan (+ Goten + Trunks + Piccolo)?

Yeah right. Buu has this one.
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User Info: IUsed2

8 years ago#10
^ you didn't read my first post did you?
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