In hopes to make getting the All Ruined trophy a little less horrible.

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  3. In hopes to make getting the All Ruined trophy a little less horrible.

User Info: CloudAC87

7 years ago#91
Bump :(
Anymore tips?

User Info: FPossessed

7 years ago#92
I wrote the follow e-mail to nancobandai

I've three questions about the "All Ruined" Trophy.

1)Do I have to hit the indents 3 times in order to count?
2)Do I have to destroy everything again to count. example: I destroyed all objects less one in the first try, do I have to destroy everything again or can I only destroy the object I missed?
3)If I destroy a piece of ground and it has a tree on it, does it count the tree too? or only the ground?

The answer...

Thank you for contacting Namco Bandai's Customer Support Department.

The ground indents and impacts do not counts towards the trophy.

You do not have to destroy everything again in order for it to count. You can retry the level and destroy the objects that you missed.

If you destroy a ground and there is a tree on top of it, it will only count the ground. Work your way from the top to the bottom (destroy the tree first, then the ground below it. The same strategy applies for the taller buildings and structures.

Please feel free to contact us again in the future as the need arises.


I hope this helps people who don't have the trophy yet

User Info: RubyKnight

7 years ago#93
I've been playing each stage about 20-30 times and I still have yet to get this achievement, but the only stage where I can guess I must've not destroyed a structure properly (top to bottom) would be the Rocky Mountains stage, seeing as there's so many of them. I have a feeling that's the last stage I need considering I've played the other ones so many times to the point where its sickening.

User Info: mcorangekid

7 years ago#94
Wow, I just thought I'd check in and see if people were still working on this. You know, getting this trophy to me seems like when Vegeta was trying to become a super sayian. He tried and tried with all his might but couldn't do it. Then he gave up hope and stopped caring. Then suddently boom, he got it.
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User Info: fedor-machine

7 years ago#95
if only Spike were a better developer like they used to be, we wouldn't have a hard time on the ALL RUINED trophy.

the worst of all is the damn automatic lock on camera, SPIKE FAIL!!!!!!!!!

User Info: CloudAC87

7 years ago#96
^ This
Bah, I tired of this sh*t. I must be missing just one friggin' little rock and I can't find it...

User Info: BlueDiamond87

7 years ago#97
Um, actually 2 of there answers are wrong, the ground indents do count and you do have to destroy everything in each map even the ones you already got for the trophy.

And rocky mountains yes people would miss that easily, because they destroy it from middle or bottom, you must start from top.
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  3. In hopes to make getting the All Ruined trophy a little less horrible.

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