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User Info: ToadPrince

7 years ago#1
Okay, the rules are simple - to help us pass the time( even though it is only a week((and some of us have to wait until Christmas))), let's create Harvest Moon characters ! Have you ever had an idea that would make a good character? - well now's the time to share! Here's what you provide:

Birthday: (Like Winter 21)
Extra:(Not required)

I'll start first:

Name: Harry
Age: 40
Birthday: Winter 21
Likes: Diamond, Silver, and Gold
Dislikes: Turnips
Description: A wealthy jewelry shop owner that specializes in rare diamonds. He also sells jewelry which is incredibly expensive and sometimes overpriced. He's a generally kind person but can sometimes be a bit of a snob to newcomers. At his shop you may also sell gems for profit- but only certain gems will be accepted at different seasons. Harry's wife is Sabrina who is interested in interior design.
Extra: Harry's name ( and character design) comes from the famous Diamond seller "Harry Winston" ( look it up, he's real lol)

Now your turn!
Thessalonians 5:2-4 (NIV)" for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night." Are you ready?

User Info: Splinterscat

7 years ago#2
Name: Fern
Age: 25
Birthday: Fall 07
Likes: Cake and Milk
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Description: A fun-loving tomboy who owns a shop called Fern's Furbishes. She sells items that will spruce up the house: curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, rugs, wallpaper and interior paints. She enjoys exploring and taking nature walks. She participates in all the festivals! She's best at competing in the flower and dancing festivals.
Extra: She has an older brother named Gully, who owns a bait shop called Gully's Trap Shop.

User Info: AnoelDreamer

7 years ago#3

Name: Keela
Age: 24
Birthday: Summer 5
Likes: Slightly flawed moonstones, jams and other perserves. Sweet foods.
Dislikes: curry, wine. Dogs.
Description: A silver-grey haired, very pale young woman who wanders. Will stay in your town more and more if you befriend her. Can be married, but first you have to get her to agree to stay in your town. Her first home was destroied by a volcano. Scared of dogs because one attacked her when she was very small. Walks with a habitual half limp.
Extra: Distanly related to Skye from DSCute.

User Info: lurking222

7 years ago#4
Name: Tyrone
Age: 22
Birthday: Fall 8
Likes: Alcohol, watermelon, fried corn, fried eggs...anything fried.
Dislikes: Big dogs and flowers
Description: A rapper who came to the island to meet some hunnies and chill on the beach. Hangs out in his house, smokes and runs a club.
Extra: Has an afro.

Not enough black people in HM or clubs...

User Info: luitcsh

7 years ago#5
Name: Kanon
Age: 23 years old
Birthday: Fall 8
Likes: Flowers, Animals
Dislikes: Storms
Description: Kanon is slightly thin with curly brown hair and wide brown eyes, she wears usually her farm outfit. She has a rather whimsical personality and is the daughter of Daisuke and Renee.
Extra: She is married to Gale with their children Tomoyo and Sakura,,
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