WTF GameStop?

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User Info: ZidaneWatt

7 years ago#31
I have the UPS tracking number. I am literally tracking my package as it has left the warehouse. It was shipped Tuesday.
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User Info: NurseFin

7 years ago#32

Someone on Fogu already got their game (from Amazon), so yeah it does seem they started shipping on the 10th.

I'd wonder why Gamestop didn't get their shipment yet, but from what I gather, they don't seem to care about Harvest Moon (despite the plushie dealy) and keep blabbing about some other stupid game that nobody cool would care about. :P The customer service seems to be really bad in that respect. Another reason why people are switching to Amazon... none of those frustrating "Harvest what? Did you mean *war game*? No? Are you sure? Uhhh, check back tomorrow I don't know anything" moments

User Info: DDJ

7 years ago#33
Huh, I stand corrected.
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User Info: Omega42

7 years ago#34
My game via UPS overnight just left Sparks, NV at 9.:59pm. Shocking!... sorry I couldn't resist the pun.

Iv had bad experiences with amazon in the past, that's why I don't usually preorder games through them. However, I was talking to my brother and he said they have made a real effort to open more shipping facilities around the country. Seems he was right. To be honest I canceled my preorder with Gamestop more out of pure frustration then hope of getting it sooner. Just happened to work out in my favor. Good luck to everyone else waiting on Gamestop.
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User Info: Splinterscat

7 years ago#35
I decided to just go ahead and call my GameStop this morning. The guy there read an email to me, that they got yesterday, that stated the game should be arriving at the store tomorrow around 11:30 am. He also said I should receive my call tonight. I don't know if this applies to all GameStops. I'm just happy because I was able to change my transportation plans for tomorrow. So, for all who get the game today---awesome. For me, I can't wait till tomorrow, that is if nothing else goes wrong lol.

User Info: minakorocket

7 years ago#36
When I worked for a certain other game store I would pull games off the shelves and pop them in the demo station to play a little bit whenever no one was in the store. I usually targeted games that I had no clue what it was about. Usually the war games and other games that I most likely wouldn't buy were my target. I think it helped me be a little more well rounded.

The only games I never bothered with learning was all the shovelware (the imagine series or whatever) I didn't need to pop that into anything to figure what those games were like. :P

I did argue with the GameStop employee a few weeks back over Animal Parade definately existing. We stood at the counter for 10 minutes. Think the conversation went something like this.

'I want to preorder Harvest Moon Animal Parade.'
'Okay uhhh... what was it?'
'Harvest Moon. Animal Parade.'
'Animal... Crossing you mean?'
'No. Animal Parade. It's a Harvest Moon game.'
*types in the computer*
'Oh you mean Sunshine Islands.'
'No. Animal Parade. It's on the Wii.'
'No this game's on the DS.'
'I know that Sunshine Islands is on the DS. I'm talking about a Wii game!'
'Are you sure you don't mean Animal Crossing?'
'Look stop messing with me and just type HARVEST MOON ANIMAL PARADE and search under Wii!'
'Oh wow, yeah here it is.'
'Yeah no way right?'
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User Info: TomatoDreams

7 years ago#37
Sorry to jump in and say the same thing everyone else is hearing, but I just want to say that I work at GameStop, and believe me, we were all as confused as you guys are. I came in to work a bit early yesterday to pick up my reserves of Animal Parade and Sunshine Islands, and they weren't yet in stock. :/ I just called in today, and my coworker said it's supposed to be shipped today, Thursday, and that we should hopefully get it in Friday. I just hope he's right, and that the computer isn't lying to him (the computers at GS are so annoying anyway).
But, seriously, this is Natsume we're talking about. We shouldn't be surprised. They pushed back games last year because of a "bigger, badder" game was being released too. Why can't they pick their dates more carefully?

User Info: Blulightning

7 years ago#38
"Why can't they pick their dates more carefully?"

They do, they just don't tell anyone. :P

Anyways, thanks for the input, Tomato.
I'm glad that someone is here to quell all the "I hate GameStop because they did this to us!" posts...
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User Info: TomatoDreams

7 years ago#39
"They do, they just don't tell anyone. :P"
Haha, that's true. XD

And, yeah, I can understand why everyone gets so angry. I mean, they want their game (and, hey, I want my game too!) We also had a billion boxes of MW2, which made A LOT of people happy when they came in late last night, asking if we had a copy, figuring that we wouldn't. So it was nice to be like "Sure! What system?" They had good looks on their faces. :) But I wouldn't be surprised if they put a rush on shipping MW2, and let others fall behind.

Another good tip for those who might not know, if you go into any GS and look at their release date book, they have the general release date in the far left row, and that's just the date the publisher claims it will come out. If after the actual title of the game it says [SD 11/10/09] or whatever, that is the "street date", which pretty much guarantees that is the day you will get it. If you look at either of the HMs listed, it doesn't have a street date.

User Info: lurking222

7 years ago#40
I called them again now its coming tomorrow (friday) and it better be there tomorrow or else I will seriously flip a shet.

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