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User Info: DDJ

8 years ago#1
My crop profit guide'll be posted either later today or next Monday depending on when SBAllen decides to empty the queue next. But just in case it's later, I wanted to share the crop profit observations I came up with.

First off, these are based on my estimates of crop quality based on bad/poor/decent/good/perfect soil. Like others have mentioned, it's a much more subtle change this time around, not the huge shift that was in ToT. So the main influence on crop profit is actually growth time and how many harvests you can get in a season. My numbers are also based on a relatively small number of tests (30 or so crops in each soil quality), so if you notice anything drastically different let me know.

There's no real "good" way to do this, so I went with two things: full-season profit and by-bag profit. Full-season profit is if you plant on day 1 and use the square only for that crop until the end of the season. By-bag profit is only the profit from the day you plant a bag of seeds to the day you harvest them first (no info for multi-harvest crops), which is more if you only have a limited amount of time to plant.

So, here are the observations:
In Spring for the whole season, Lettuce is the best crop in Bad or Poor soil, Wheat in Decent soil, Cocoa in Good soil, and Strawberries in Perfect soil.

In Summer for the whole season, Tea Leaves are the best in Bad and Poor soil, Hibiscus flowers are surprisingly the best in Decent and Good soil, and Honeydew are the best in Perfect soil. I feel like I might have the Hibiscus growth time wrong, though, so that could change things.

In Fall for the whole season, as someone else (Stormfeather, I think?) first said and I stubbornly refused to believe, Blue Mist Flowers are the most profitable in any type of soil.

And in Winter, Green Bell Flowers and Snowflake Flowers are more profitable than Buckwheat. Crazy. I'll be incorporating Buckwheat Flour later, though, so that might change.

Overall, Tea Leaves are the best Bad- and Poor-soil crop in any season, and Blue Mist Flowers are the best Decent-, Good- and Perfect-soil crop in any season. Go figure.

By-Bag (and per day), Lettuce is the best in any soil in Spring, Tea Leaves are the best in basically any soil in Summer, Blue Mist Flowers are still the best per day in any soil in Fall, and Snowflake Flowers are the best in Winter.
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User Info: ZetsubouSensei

8 years ago#2
...I should use your observations. Now if only today wasn't Wednesday in my game.

User Info: Midgetgirl05

8 years ago#3
yay! i've been growing all lettuce all spring :P now I know what to focus on the next couple seasons.

Thank you. :)
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User Info: lurking222

8 years ago#4
First day of fall is tomorrow...I have never grown flowers in ToT or AP so this should be interesting.

User Info: PastelDream

8 years ago#5
Thanks for the info. :)

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User Info: jan_lee23

8 years ago#6
DJ, hibiscus takes 3-5 days to grow.. will this change your calculation?
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