Shining egg, milk, or milled products??

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User Info: KoalasForever

7 years ago#1
My 10-heart cow never gives a shining milk, I been milking for an (in game) year. My 10-heart chickens never give me better then perfect eggs. Are other people having this problem?

Also, when I mill (at the flute fields water mill) shining buckwheat (and I think all the other grains) the best I get is perfect soba flour, regardless of if it is sunny, cloudy, or snowing.

I have at this point rang the third (blue) bell.

User Info: littleolmee

7 years ago#2
I get shining products from my livestock all the time but I'm also working on the last bell (fall 1st yr).

*spoiler* after I ran the green bell, the one on Horn Farm in the windmill, they all commet that the animals are happier now so it might be connected to your issue. I don't recall getting shining stuff before I ran the green bell.

User Info: Voda20

7 years ago#3

Yea, ringing the bells are the key to shining products. Milling, too - since power of the wind is in one of bells

Also, for milling, weather does affect watermill - some products loose as much as 2 ranks on rainy day. Best time to use watermill is blizzard in winter (+2 in ranks), or just regular sunny non-windy day (same ranks)

User Info: crystalsouls

7 years ago#4
Animals don't give shining products until you ring the green bell I believe. I thought this was just luck on my end, but hearing you talk I'm now pretty confident that this is how it works.
As for the watermill.. I thought the blue bell let you get shining there, but maybe the green bell is responsible for all milling, not just the windmill. Or maybe you haven't gotten the scene with toby talking about the rivers being alive again or something.

User Info: KoalasForever

7 years ago#5
Yep. I double checked last night.

Water milled products (wheat and such) can not be ground to shining till the blue bell is rang. Shining wheat grids to perfect flour.

Animal will not give shining till the green bell is rang, even with 10 hearts
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  3. Shining egg, milk, or milled products??

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