how do i change the animal i'm riding?

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  3. how do i change the animal i'm riding?

User Info: yhalothar__

7 years ago#1
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User Info: Alukashi_san

7 years ago#2
When you whistle the animal with the highst heart level comes for you to ride it. If you have multiple animals with tthe same heart amount, I believe it's random which one you'll get. If you're on your farm the one closest to you will come.
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User Info: pseudoduck

7 years ago#3
This might just be my experience but ever since I got my sheep up to 10 hearts she is the only animal I get when I whistle.
I use to use a cow so maybe it uses the fastest animal? Idk, my brian is frazzled from finals.
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User Info: yuiidragon

7 years ago#4
I get which animal is the closest. My cow has the 10 hearts and my sheep has 8, but if I call for a ride, and my sheep is closer to me, I'll end up on her.
Then whenever I get off her and zone out, she'll be gone, so I'll have to whistle again. Whenever you zone out, the animal goes back to the barn, so when I whistle this time, it'll be my cow. Because my cow is outside the barn.

.. if that makes sense.
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  2. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
  3. how do i change the animal i'm riding?

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