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User Info: curlyq12

7 years ago#1
I was just wondering what the best ways in making money are...

When it comes to crops, i always buy a lot as soon as the first day of a
new season starts. But then i run out of all my money cuz i spent it all on the
crops for every new season. Is this a problem with anyone else as well? It seems
like i might just have to keep running out of money in every season...? I'm on day 7 summer
of my first year and I went from 25,000 in the previous month back down to 10,000 in
this month. Is that normal, and will it keep happening for every new month.

User Info: Voda20

7 years ago#2

you should be making profits from crops - sure, there are lots of spendings in the beginning of the month, but you should be getting much more in harvest time, right?

Just caculate how much you spend on seeds/ get back form harvest and plant most profitable crops in that season.

15k sounds a lot to spend just on seeds - did you buy fertilizer? Make sure you only buy it for crops that need it (variable growth time) and don't waste it on other crops with set growth time. Also, don't waste money on Shining fertiliser if your soil is OK-ish - level 3 or higher, get cheaper one.

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#3
Crops are your number one money maker. To make more money, you should ALWAYS plant every available square in your fields (less what your trees are occupying - although that raises the complexity). And, save as much of your profits as you can to buy the extra fields as soon as possible. More crops => lots more money.

Of course, after your initial expense each month, it will take you a little while to build your funds back up - particularly if you bought fertilizer and the more expensive crops that give multiple harvests. But, as you harvest then you will more than make up for the expense.

If you've managed to buy all three plots by the end of Summer then you can plant tons of blue mist flowers and really rack up the profits.

Don't forget that processing certain crops adds to their value. Even processing 4 blue mist flowers into blue perfume will give you an extra 30g profit, which, over the season, will add up. Process your decent and good cherries into jam. Process all the foragables you should be harvesting daily.

You should also be spending extra time fishing and mining. Even early in the game, if you're catching a lot of goby and pond smelt, process each of those into decent sushi for about 60g profit each.

There are other threads that discuss how to make money so I'm going to cut this short. But, bottom line, there are lots of ways to make money in this game - you just have to be diligent and keep at it.

I'm mid Winter - year 1 and have a lot of goods I haven't sold yet (I've stored tons of stuff in my fridge, shelf and have a tool box full of gems - at least 9 of each and nearly 30 of some) and, even given how much I haven't sold, still have made 1.8 million,

Don't worry, after the first couple of seasons, money isn't a big deal any more. Too bad real life isn't this easy. :-D

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#4
decent sushi for about 60g profit each

I realized I wasn't very clear. What I meant was that processing the goby and pond smelt into decent sushi gives you an extra 60ish profit over just selling them without processing.

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#5
One more thing:

If your goal is to make money quickly, buy the additional plots as soon as you can manage each one. Don't do what I read that another poster did, which was to wait until they had enough money to buy both at once. (I've not criticizing the poster, their goal probably wasn't to maximize profit. And however they enjoy playing is great. :-) )

If you've got the money to buy one field, buy it and then use the extra profits from those crops to build up your funds that much quicker to buy the third. Waiting to buy them together just means you lose out on the potential profit you could have been making in the interim from the second field. And it takes you longer to get the third field.

User Info: curlyq12

7 years ago#6

So in the first couple of seasons did you buy a bunch of crops, making
your money run back really low? Sorry, I'm kind of new to the harvest moon
games--- 1.8 million?! I'm so jealous lol.

Basically i should buy the land plots asap and then buy a whole bunch of more

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#7
Yes; I buy enough seeds to plant EVERY available square. As soon as I harvest, I replant that same day. The only exception is if I'm at the end of the season and there isn't a crop that is harvestable in the short time left. (For example, if I harvest my last crop on day 25 and there's not another crop I could plant and harvest by the 28th.)

And, of course, when you buy the seeds and whatever fertilizer is smart for your situation (read Voda20's post above regarding fertilizer), your available money is going to drop. But, you will make it back in spades once you start harvesting. You have to spend the money on your fields to reap the profits.

If you're new to Harvest Moon games, you might not know that you need to water every planted square every day that it doesn't rain. If you don't water the square, the plant will not grow.

And, I bet there are a lot of posters here who've earned as much, probably more, as I have. As I said, if you're diligent about taking care of your crops, animals, foraging, mining and fishing, it's easy to have earned this much by this point in the game. It's just tough those first few weeks.

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#8
P.S. Buy the seeds that will yield the most profit in each season and situation.

For example, blue mist flowers are the most profitable Fall crop, so that's what you should plant in Fall if maximizing profit is your goal.

User Info: Marioman244

7 years ago#9
Well its simple how to make the most profit with a crop. See which one sells for the most in the least amount of days and plant it. For spring I grew only lettuce throughout the season. In summer it was watermelon(a decent one sells for 210, might take a little longer than 5 days too). Currently in fall and I have to say that rice is probably one of the most profitable crops in the game due to the fact that it grows in 5 days no matter what, the seeds only cost 30g each, and they sell for 210 minimum.

Ill probably put more diversity in my crops next year, but for now this is working out great. I also use my whole field, I don't know how much you're planting but planting more = more profit. Its about 30k every 5 days with the rice currently. I don't do much of the secondary stuff but when I fish a whole stamina bar I usually make about 2500g or so.

User Info: gigi_gg

7 years ago#10
I'll have to good-naturedly disagree with a couple of Marioman's choices for maximum profit crop choices.

Read DetroitDJ's crop guide and then make your own decision about what's best for you to plant.

I also highly recommend his other AP guides found here:

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