Tree of Tranquility or Animal Parade?

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User Info: firestorm_co

7 years ago#1
Ok, I haven't played a HM game in quite some time the last one I played being A Wonderful Life (which I loved_ and the first one I ever played being HM64 (which I would play today if I knew where my N64 was..) I no longer know where my copy of AWL is and I wanted to get a newer HM game for my Wii, I stopped playing casual games a while ago due to playing Halo competitively for money which took up most my gaming time. Now I no longer play competitively and I'd like to get back into my favorite casual games. I was looking into these two titles and I found out some interesting things but i want to know a few things and get some opinions before I buy.

First off, I heard in Tree of Tranquility you can do part time jobs for money, I like this concept and wanted to know what happened to that in Animal Parade (I haven't heard anyone talk about it in AP so is it not in the game?) Another feature I'm curious about is one from AWL, in AWL you could setup a stall and sell your goods to the town folk, is this not in either of the two Wii games? I also heard that loading times in ToT were long but the walk to get to places in AP is just as long as loading times for ToT. I also heard that in AP the camera wasn't very reliable.

In ToT I heard you can continue your characters game through their childs perspective and remarry all over again whilst maintaining your former belongings, I like the fact that you can keep your stuff and start over family wise can you still do this in AP?

I want yall's opinions on this and if their are any differences that I may have missed please mention them, also which one would you suggest I get? Thanks ahead of time!


User Info: firestorm_co

7 years ago#2
Sorry for the double post I forgot to mention something, I heard that the storyline in ToT was longer than the storyline in AP if you could give me your thoughts on this as well I'd greatly appreciate it.

User Info: Roemu

7 years ago#3
Okay let me see...

*No part time jobs in Animal Parade.

*No shopping stall in Animal Parade.

*I don't know if I would call the story shorter than in ToT but you CAN finish it quickly with the right strategy. There are parts of Animal Parade that will take time to accomplish, just like Tree of Tranquility.

*The camera can be a bit odd at times. There are several times where it will switch to an angle that looks at the top of the characters head and that can be a little disconcerting. It's easy enough to get over.

*The loading times are there and they can feel a little long. Eventually you get used to it. Something you might consider too is that days are much longer in AP than in ToT and time does not move in doors. It can be a bit tedious sometimes but the map of AP is larger so the longer days assure you can go visit after working.

*You do not keep everything in ToT when you start a new game +. You basically keep money and makers (I think... it's been a while).In AP you are given a max stamina bar, goddess level watering can and hoe, and you can send 1 item over ( saying the rest would be a spoiler)

Personally I liked AP better even with the longer days, the time lagging, the load times and so on. There are more crops, more recipes, and more outfits. You can have two children with different looks and personalities. The characters in AP to me feel more fleshed out with more random events than in ToT.

I would suggest checking out for pictures and easy to find information. There are spoilers there, but they are obvious. You can also check the faqs DJ wrote or search through the forum archives. There are tons of topics with information you might be interested in.

I hope that helps some. Welcome back to Harvest Moon lol.

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User Info: firestorm_co

7 years ago#4
I ordered AP last night, I'll miss the stall that you could open up in AWL and the part time jobs of TOT sounded fun but after extended research into the two I've come to find that AP and ToT are pretty much the same game but AP has more content and is more rewarding. I should be getting it by the 27th. And I haven't gotten it yet but I'm getting nostalgic already, It's good to be back! :D

User Info: Dekar the Great

Dekar the Great
7 years ago#5
AP does not have Loli Luna. Therefore, ToT > AP.

Im kidding, but I wish AP kept Loli Luna.
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User Info: firestorm_co

7 years ago#6
I looked that up to see what all the fuss was about I don't really see a difference.

User Info: DDJ

7 years ago#7
The terrible frame rate in Animal Parade killed the game for me. But that's just me.
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User Info: Applepine

7 years ago#8
The days being long, the camera angle, and time stopping indoors killed the game for me. Makes it seem like nothing good goes on. Because of this, I don't think people travel very much but just teleport to where they need to be. It's easy to make money though and that's good. I still have the special edition of AWL. I'm going to start playing that one again. I remember the lag being worse than AP though.
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User Info: BloodyJoker

7 years ago#9
ToT time passes when you're indoors. I'd rather have Animal Parade for that one little reason.
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User Info: Stepdog

7 years ago#10
I am only in my first fall but i think Animal Parade is really good. AWL life is the last one i played before this one and I think AP is way better.
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