Windmill Testing and Shining Salt

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User Info: Rii-chan

7 years ago#1
I saw a thread labeled "Windmill Testing", but the topic is now locked.

However, if Shining Salt is impossible to get, why does the item exist?

Has anyone actually managed to get it as of yet?

User Info: MindManipulator

7 years ago#2
can the waterwheel on your farm make it perhaps?
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User Info: KissGatorsGuys

7 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure you can't get shining salt....EV-R!
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User Info: silversunsspu

7 years ago#4

Oh I've made that stuff b4 but its SUPER hard to obtain. You havta wait for a really stormy day (like lightning and all that jazz or a blizzard works too) and then you havta make sure the wind's power level is over 9000 (what I mean is when you see that the weather channel is displaying strong winds u kno the red kind with the cloud going GRRRR :evil: ) But yes its possible just not easy : /

User Info: silversunsspu

7 years ago#5

Oh and for the windwill I THINK it was mine but I'm not too sure...

User Info: MonkeyShaman

6 years ago#6
I have shining salt but I got it so long ago that I have no idea how I obtained it.

User Info: AyakoBlack

6 years ago#7
Hello everyone, I was just today playing Animal Parade and got annoyed when I got hit by the second Taiphoon in three days. Since I needed space in my shelves, I took my Rock Salt and tried both the Big Windmill and the Farmland Watermill. (The wind was the angry cloud with red arrows on TV weather forecast!).

Anyway, at the Big Windmill at Horn Ranch I got 'Perfect Salt' but I actually got 'Shining Salt' at the Farmland Watermill. That seems to be the only occasion to get it though. I will definitely try other weather conditions to confirm it.

User Info: LyssaJ

6 years ago#8
You can get shining salt on any typhoon or snowstorm (not regular snow, the snowman has to be frowning) day by milling it at your waterwheel on your farm.
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