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User Info: MitsukiHeart

6 years ago#1

can anyone please tell me how to train/walk your pet ><?

I adopted the orange tabby cat. It's on it's 9th heart now. And every time I tried to walk it by choosing
the walk option, it just wont follow me. Also when I use the animal whistle, a message will pop up saying
"nothing happen". Really, I heard that you can train and walk with your pet. But how do i do that ??


how many times a day u need to feed your livestock? Every morning all my farm animals will have the
black circle or swirl kind of thing above it's head. Like it's annoyed. And when I let it outside until 7pm,
without giving any feed/fodder, the next morning, they will have that hungry symbol above it's head.
(It's a picture of fork and spoon, i think?) Is that normal?

Is it naturally difficult to get ore? I tried for a few days already and I'm not getting any silver and copper ore.
And even when I do get, it's always scrap metal. Between Garmon Mine and Watery Cave, which is easier?

User Info: FullMetalPanic

6 years ago#2
I haven't adopted any pets yet, so I can't answer your first question.
Regarding livestock, you only have to feed them once per day, and they eat at 6am in the morning usually, so just leave their food in their trough, and they'll eat it automatically. The swirl thingy above their head is normal, just talk to them and it'll go away. I found it easier to find ores at the Watery cave.
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User Info: Nikolaj-11

6 years ago#3
The pets won't follow you inside the house, you choose walk and leave the house, then outside they will follow.
And with the flute you need to stand close to them and head in their direction, like when you give gifts.

You just didn't try hard enough.
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