You really don't need to plant very much grass at all.

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  3. You really don't need to plant very much grass at all.

User Info: ChiliPup

6 years ago#1
Please correct me if I'm mistaken. I will not take offense.

I've read in several topics that people are planting a lot of grass, or in some cases, using an entire field for grass. Whether it be for their animals to graze in, or just to cut for fodder, this seems to be WAY too much. I've crunched the numbers, and here is what it seems to me:

Nine squares of grass is enough to feed an entire barn full of animals forever. In fact, it's more than enough. It fully grows every three days, and each square produces four servings of "fodder". So, every three days, a 3x3 square (9 squares) will produce 36 servings of fodder. If grass grows for 3 seasons, then 28 days x 3 seasons = 84 days per year of grass growth. 84 days divided by 3 days to grow = 28 grass harvests. 28 grass harvests x 36 servings = 1,008 servings of fodder in a 3-season span of time.

Now, take eight animals in a fully upgraded barn. 8 animals x 28 days = 224 fodders needed per season. 224 fodders per season x 4 seasons = 896 total servings of fodder needed per year.

So, a 3x3 square of grass will produce 1,008 fodders per year.
Eight animals requires 896 fodders per year.

Why in the world would someone waste valuable field space on more grass?

And like I said, if I'm missing something obvious here, please tell me. Because you could very well save me from starving my animals if I've miscalculated lol.

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User Info: j mcdermid

j mcdermid
6 years ago#2
I'll do you one better.

You don't need to plant any grass, period. Using that 3x3 patch for crops will make you more than enough money to purchase feed from Hannah.

User Info: alwaysbe8

6 years ago#3

The first year I planted a 3x3 patch and had over 2000 fodder after 3 months because you can actually chop the grass every 2 days after the initial 3 day growth period. The only reason to plant it after your first year is if you want to sell it for extra money. Maybe on days you don't have many crops to sell. But I would never plant more than a 3x3 patch. The animals don't actually "eat" it while they are outside. They just get happy when they are out of the barn and you have an opportunity to pet them one more time to make them happier each day.

User Info: misspandora

6 years ago#4
I never plant grass. Crops make more money for me, so I have enough money to buy fodder from Hannah. Then again, I only have one field at present, so I don't want to waste my precious space for grass right now.
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  3. You really don't need to plant very much grass at all.

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