Do i have to refine my ore?

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  3. Do i have to refine my ore?

User Info: Darkness2099

5 years ago#1
I am having an issue with upgrading my tools, i have 3 iron ore but it still says i have "no materials" am i missing something here? Do i have to refine it on my farm or something i tried using his forge but nothing happens...

User Info: Oron999

5 years ago#2
You need to refine the ores and get the metals in order to use the materials for upgrading.

You can refine ores in the Accessory Shop for 35g an ore. There is a significant chance that you will not get the metals when you refine, which is stupid and annoying.

If the accessory shop is not yet open, you need to complete the little quest where you get Mira to run it again. Talk with Julius in the shop and then talk to Mira in the church. Choose the right dialogue with Mira and she'll open up her Accessory Shop again and all will be well!
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User Info: Darkness2099

5 years ago#3
Ok thanks, yeah i went there before there was nothing to buy just some emo kid, i went up and talked to her now its open... And yeah that's f'ing bs i just wasted all my ore and only got 1 iron and 2 silver out of all i had...

Maria is a thief lol.

User Info: AutumnQueen

5 years ago#4
Yeah, the refining thing is almost a big rip-off, as Mira is more likely to give you trash over treasure. It IS completely random, but it does seem like your odds just slightly improve if you give her large groups to refine, rather than having her refine a few handful of pieces at a time.

What I like to do is save at my mountain home, then go see Mira for refinement. If I'm not satisfied with what she gives me, then I just reload and try again.

Another thing I'll note, once you get the metals you need for upgrading, it's generally better to just sell the ores rather than try to make a profit refining them for metals.
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  3. Do i have to refine my ore?

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