Best Monster-Spells-Traps Deck ratio?

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User Info: JorRicBut

7 years ago#1
When you guys build your decks, what the ratio of Monster, Spell and Trap cards you'd use? (AKA How many of each type of card would you have in a deck)

Me, usually I'd try to keep it around 20-10-10 (Monster-Spells-Traps) in a 40-card deck. I did make a couple of decks that have more Spells than Traps, and I may be feeling that that's leaving me pretty open for attack because I don't really have anything to stop it except a couple of "Book of Moon" cards.

Again, what do you think is the best Monster-Spell-Trap ratio to make a deck?
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User Info: kurapika1802

7 years ago#2
Well its vary,if you use spell counter deck,most card should be spell,if u run uria deck,most card should be continuous trap...

Anyway i usually keep monster at 20,and spell and trap will be 12/8 or 10/10

User Info: BlazeAssassin

7 years ago#3
In a typical case, somewhere around a 2:1:1 ratio is the cookie cutter build. This does vary obviously with deck type though.

User Info: stillthinking22

7 years ago#4
i'd normally go for a 22-10-8 or a 22-9-9
but it changes alot if its a specific deck e.g 3 of each crystal beast or lightsworns
the deck im running at the mo is 24-9-9 because i need all the cards there for it to work
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User Info: Onewinged_Angel

7 years ago#5
I currently use 20-14-6. Certainly not gonna say that's the best ratio to use. It's just the ratio I used in my latest deck.
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User Info: melikepizza

7 years ago#6
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User Info: M1DN1T3

7 years ago#7
I'm currently running 20-12-8.
I used to run 20-14-6. But it was just too many spells for me. Not enough traps.
But it really all depends on what deck you're running.
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User Info: JorRicBut

7 years ago#8
Just wanted to bump this and see if anyone else would like to post on here.
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User Info: Belgianblue

7 years ago#9
Depends on the deck of course, I run a fifth gadget that is 15-14-16, I run a Zombie City that is 18-6-17. For more normal battle-oriented decks I seem to come out around 20 monsters to 21 spells and trap, usually around 12-13 spells and 8-9 traps. Of course more control oriented means more traps, and more battle oriented more spells (like in a decree deck, obviously trap count is minimal, like 4 traps to 16-17 spells. But for some reason i like 41 cards with 20 monsters as a base. Don't ask me why. Just feels comfortable.

User Info: kniteflow

7 years ago#10
stall decks are usually most effective with a roughly 1:1:1 ratio... or at least that's what's been working the best for me. my usual decks are like everyone else's with about 20 monsters and the rest are s/t.
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