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User Info: Zerowu

6 years ago#1
take a long time to think like in tag force 5?

User Info: Gokibore2

6 years ago#2
Not really, but the AI is smarter!

User Info: Zerowu

6 years ago#3
that confuses me. People said longer load time for AI to think= smarter moves. Yet you're telling me it's smarter but takes less time!? 0_o

I was thinking about getting this just to play the story mode and then play tag force 5.

User Info: KiraYamatoSF

6 years ago#4
I got no clue on that theory but head to the tag force 5 boards, pretty much everyone there says the ai is the dumbest yet, except for the recent xbox 360 game.
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User Info: JugDe

6 years ago#5
From what I can see, when there are a lot of cards on the field and in each player's hand, the CPU will take longer time to think.

This is basically because the computer is caculating the options and checking card requirements.

When there are more and more cards, the process will just take longer time.

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