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User Info: Farel13

6 years ago#1
I just got started and I'd have a few questions.
1) What is DP used for? So far I only saw some NPCs who are willing to do stuff if I pay them
2) Isn't there a way to buy a full deck in this game? Aren't there shops somewhere? I'm not that experienced and it'd definitely be easier to edit an existing deck together than make one from nothing
3) How does the stuff with the mc work? I found him and he gave me some random cards, was wondering what the difference between these 5 boxes is.... are they random anyway?
4) Saving: I recall that I didn't save for a long time and turned off the console at some point, but I remembered having saved after a victory, but when loading, I was at the mc, does this mean there's an auto-save option???

Thank you kindly!

User Info: Chompe277

6 years ago#2
1) It's mainly used in the DowntownDistict, to buy packs, rent cards, or buy items.
2) You can see recipes of the main characters, and you can download recipes, but you don't get the actual deck, you just see what's in it. So no.
3) The MC randonly travels from place to place. If you find him you get one of these 5 things: Cards, 2000 DP, increase your partner's friendship, uhhh... an item I think, and I can't recall the other one. I believe the top box is Dp, the second one is cards, and I don't know the rest. But I may be wrong, that may just be coincidence.
4) There is no auto-save option that I'm aware of.
Time for some good ol' fashion derailing.

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