Echoes glitch?

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User Info: bmhgames

7 years ago#1
Ok, so im at the place where you get the screw attack. All lasers are in place to break it, so i enter the bomb slot to activate them. But, I get stuck in the bomb slot, not able to use morphball bombs or get out. Anyone else experience this glitch plus a remedy for it?

User Info: sabata2

7 years ago#2
Not being able to bomb is apparently a glitch.

No one knows what causes it, and no one knows how to fix it.

I hope you had a recent save man. You gotta restart.
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User Info: pokemeister

7 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure you can't use bombs if you got hit by a Rezbit virus (and haven't rebooted yet).

I dunno, I've already played Echoes' twice on the Trilogy and many times on the Gamecube but never got this glitch.
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User Info: JoePD

7 years ago#4
not being able to use bombs only happened to me when i got hit by a rezbit virus
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User Info: bmhgames

7 years ago#5
thanks for the info guys. Im pretty sure i didn't get hit by a rezbit virus, so it must have been just bad luck. I was mad because i had to start over an hour's work. oh well it worked this time :P

dumb glitches.

User Info: FredCat07

7 years ago#6
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