*spoiler* the Quest named "sleeper amulet."

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  3. *spoiler* the Quest named "sleeper amulet."

User Info: jooze

6 years ago#1
Okay, so i've gotten near the end of the game i think and now i'm stuck in this quest.

I've chosen the water mage way (can't remember his name) and i'm looking for some manastones.

I've found the first 2 but i can't seem to find the last 1, i'm where the description fits the most in the riddle.

Anyone found it and willing to share?

User Info: dowen18

6 years ago#2
I was stuck here for a bit and just figured it out - the third rune is in the castle, upstairs from the King.

User Info: trunks0709

6 years ago#3
Where's the second one at? I still can't figure it out...

User Info: angry_alien55

6 years ago#4
The other option is to do another person's quest, you aren't locked into the water mage's. I did the dark magic guys' because the demons actually showed on the map. That's certainly the one I'd recommend. The end result is the same, I believe

User Info: KrazyNewfie

6 years ago#5
how do i find the last demon. the circle is underground but i cant find the entrance i guess?
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  2. Arcania: Gothic 4
  3. *spoiler* the Quest named "sleeper amulet."

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