Using Beds?

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User Info: heavyacademic

6 years ago#1
Dear Folks,

I have just started playing this game. In most RPGs when you use a bed this restores your health. In Arcania nothing seems to happen. Is eating food/using potions/bandages the only way to restore your health?

User Info: sandspectre

6 years ago#2
Beds are just for decoration.
There's even an achievement that is unlocked if you lay your character on a bed and live him like that for two real life hours.
But gameplay-wise, they do nothing, no health restoration, no quick time advance.

User Info: octoberjones

6 years ago#3
You get the impression that the game designer was staying late making all these pointless interactions with nearby objects. There's tons of them. Pray to devil alters, playing tribal bongos, sharpening knives, turning a roasting pig, stirring stew, and so on.

It would have been so cool if they had simply added a potion modifier to the activity. stirring soup could heal you as much as an apple would. Playing bongos give you a +10% serenity for the next 20 minutes, and so on.

User Info: Somarchy

6 years ago#4
I actually liked the random object interaction. It reminded me of Oblivion's random things that you can interact with.
Is it possible to kill someone with electricity charged from socks and carpet?

User Info: Worker_8_

6 years ago#5
Wow, this game sounds EXACTLY like risen, except for the fact that beds healed you in Risen. I hated the fact that they had all these activities, such as the roast pig thing, sawing wood, or even sweeping up dust with a broom, with no actual point to them. I would have rather them focused on something that would make the game better, not some useless crap.

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