Wasint there supposed to be DLC the 29th of march?

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  3. Wasint there supposed to be DLC the 29th of march?

User Info: Bone_Wolf

6 years ago#1
I remember reading it was...

User Info: pesh_fury

6 years ago#2

you mean this?


User Info: sandspectre

6 years ago#3
Most likely the DLC will be cancelled because JoWood has being officially declared on bankrupt. It seems that they haven't sold enough copies of ArcaniA and weren't able to find investors to save them from their debts.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

6 years ago#4
JoWooD Entertainment
ArcaniA - Fall of Setarrif: Delay due to legal uncertainty!

Vienna, Austria, March 23rd 2011; JoWooD has to delay the add-on “ArcaniA – Fall of Setarrif“ indefinitely. The legal background of the official add-on to “ArcaniA - Gothic 4” is unclear and diverse legal positions with the BVT fund that financed the main game are present.

“It’s uncertain whether the game can be released onto the market in its current form”, explains Stefan Berger, Business Development Manager JoWooD, “of course this must be investigated and settled before the release - unfortunately”. Due to this fact JoWooD officially announces, that the release of the Add-On has been set on hold and will be delayed indefinitely for now.
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User Info: jungledeeva

6 years ago#5
no surprise, (bankruptcy) the game was released on the same day Fallout NV was released. Why they would do that is beyond me.

Then the next week Fable 3 was released. So you have 2 hugely antipicated RPGs coming out within a week of each other.

This game never stood a chance, really. And I'm sure there was no ads for the game so how would anyone know about it? Just bad timing coupled with no marketing. It was destined to fail.
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

6 years ago#6
JoWooD I believe messed up and failed to get it out on time leaving high street retail shops with nothing.

Most people had to order it off the web, where I got mine. zavvi.com

Think this game will be one of xbox 360's genuine rare's just because of the lack of distribution. In the UK many shops listed it but none never received it.

So with that in mind I'm sure you can see the problem. JoWooD killed any profit they may of made and then JoWood files for bankruptcy...


The end is near.

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  3. Wasint there supposed to be DLC the 29th of march?

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