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User Info: ottawa_gamerz

7 years ago#1
Spawn Floater (NEW!)
Spawn a Floater boat in front of Luis. 938-555-0150
Cheat Spawn Akuma (NEW!)
Spawn an Akuma bike in front of Luis. 625-555-0200
Cheat Spawn Vader (NEW!)
Spawn a Vader bike in front of Luis. 625-555-3273
Cheat Spawn APC (NEW!)
Spawn an APC in front of Luis. 272-555-8265
Cheat Spawn Buzzard (NEW!)
Spawn a Buzzard helicopter in front of Luis. 359-555-2899
Cheat Spawn Bullet GT (NEW!)
Spawn a Bullet GT in front of Luis. 227-555-9666
Cheat Parachute (NEW!)
Give Luis a parachute. 359-555-7272
Cheat Super Punch (NEW!)
Makes Luis' punches explosive. 276-555-2666
Cheat Explosive Sniper (NEW!)
Makes the sniper rifles fire explosive rounds. 486-555-2526
Cheat Health & Weapons
Give Luis health and weapons. 482-555-0100
Cheat Health & Armour
Give Luis health and armour. Blocks the achievement "Finish Him." 362-555-0100
Cheat Weapons (Advanced) (NEW WEAPONS!)
Knife, Pistol. 44, Explosive Shotgun, Assault SMG, Advanced MG, Advanced Sniper, Grenade Launcher, Sticky Bombs. 486-555-0100
Cheat Weapons (Poor)
Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG. 486-555-0150
Cheat Remove Wanted Level
Remove any police wanted level. Blocks the achievement "Walked free." 267-555-0100
Cheat Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to Luis' wanted level. 267-555-0150
Cheat Change Weather
Select from eight different weather types. 468-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Annihilator
Spawn an Annihilator helicopter in front of Luis. 359-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Jetmax
Spawn a Jetmax boat in front of Luis. 938-555-0100
Cheat Spawn NRG-900
Spawn an NRG-900 bike in front of Luis. 625-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Sanchez
Spawn a Sanchez bike in front of Luis. 625-555-0150
Cheat Spawn FIB Buffalo
Spawn an FIB Buffalo in front of Luis. 227-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Comet
Spawn a Comet in front of Luis. 227-555-0175
Cheat Spawn Turismo
Spawn a Turismo in front of Luis. 227-555-0147
Cheat Spawn Cognoscenti
Spawn a Cognoscenti in front of Luis. 227-555-0142
Cheat Spawn Super GT
Spawn a Super GT in front of Luis. 227-555-0168

User Info: RonBurgundy929

7 years ago#2
XBOX Live: RonBurgundy929
PS3: GTRonBurgundy

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