sticky bomb problem

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User Info: drhook11

8 years ago#1
ok im at the part where you are supposed to throw sticky bombs
at the base of the crane this is early in the game for gay tony
can someone tell me how to do this because i have been throwing
bombs everywhere but its not working

User Info: mrmunkee2

8 years ago#2
are you blowing them up?

press down on the d-pad to blow them up
mr munkee imo

User Info: drhook11

8 years ago#3
where do you put the sticky bombs on the crane?
thats the question, i know how denoate the bombs

User Info: Blackrhythm

8 years ago#4
on the metal gray looking parts near the bottom ladder.
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User Info: L0Z

8 years ago#5
wouldnt it be common sense to place them on the base of whatever you are trying to collapse?
This doesnt require advanced physics 101. It required only basic physics and the knowledge of gravity

User Info: drhook11

8 years ago#6
law of gravity oh ok i see your point
blah blah blah

User Info: plamberton

8 years ago#7
If you guys are having trouble getting to the train before it exits the tunnel here is a great tip. First make sure you have a fast car, when you get to the crane park a couple of blocks north on Frankfort Ave. Then walk to the crane plant the bombs but don't detonate them till you get back to the car (sticky bombs have a wide range to detonate). As soon as you get in the car drive north and then detonate the bombs (watch the cool cut-scene). This will give you extra time to race up Frankfort Ave. to the train just be careful not to collide with anyone and watch for people making left turns into your path. You should be able to get to the tunnel exit with time to spare before the train emerges. Also it doesn't matter which car the bomb sticks to for you to blow up the train.

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User Info: doofman2

8 years ago#8
I think you have to plant 3 bombs to make it work as well. I think there's a text dialogue telling you what to do after you get 3 in the right area.

User Info: RoastGuider

8 years ago#9
On the metal gray parts????
That's called concrete you know...
And there's way to few for a crane that size.
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