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7 years ago#1
where are the infernuses in this game? I grabbed one in the beginning of the game I think randomly but havent seen another since (might have been leftover spawns from a cutscene), Im using up a parking spot for it, do they spawn anywhere so I dont have to use a parking spot to keep it around?

User Info: LiqiudusSnake

7 years ago#2
effing TAG!
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User Info: PatchTuesday

7 years ago#3
If you've got a nice car you want to keep - but also want to drive - then a good tactic is to take it to a safehouse (Bohan works best), drive around the safehouse area for a while, and wait 'til another one spawns close enough so that you can take it AND still return one of them to the safehouse.
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User Info: evilo20293

7 years ago#4
Just find an Corqette or whatever its called and drive it around the 3 islands..soon an infernus will spawn to.

User Info: th_sleeper13

7 years ago#5
The inferous is in the rich parts of the map. Near the clubs you will always find a sweet car. I guess i got lucky cuz I was only playing for 5 minutes when I found an inferous near the clubs and when I parked it a super GT drove buy so I snaged that one to.

Trust me the area near the clubs is a good spot. Truthfully I have seen one parked in the lot beside M( a couple times.

User Info: Treewaller

7 years ago#6
I found one right at the start too, and it was in a Burger Shot parking lot. The only time I've seen one since was when I was driving the first one around.
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7 years ago#7
So it seems like there was probably an infernus in the intro cut scene which caused them to spawn in the game for a short while. I havent seen any since then so that might be your only chance at ever getting an infernus.

User Info: Kiast

7 years ago#8

I guess I'm just lucky, I got one to spawn at the beginning (didn't take it), and another to spawn again by Maisonette 9 a few missions later (didn't take it), then a few randomly driving around.

Then I found like, 6 driving around Alderney during a replay of "Blog This!" after taking Gracie home. Parked all of 'em.

I see them driving around randomly, but they are still loads more rare than other vehicles.

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