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User Info: Mclarenf1s32

7 years ago#1
Are Airplanes Accessible to fly. in this GTA.. Ballads of Gay tony?
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User Info: Agent_StarFire

7 years ago#2

nope but


in the last mission you head into a small private jet and can fight in it for about 6 seconds before it gets blown up and you go skydiving out but no the only aircrafts that are flyable are helicopters

User Info: Fear_its_Self

7 years ago#3
I wish for airplanes

User Info: LancetJades

7 years ago#4
Airplanes are the one thing people lamented not having in GTA4 that I cannot understand.
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User Info: dtmr

7 years ago#5
Airplanes were fun in San Andreas. They would not be fun in Liberty City.
It is way too small with no countryside/deserts to fly over. Where would you land except the airport? The streets are fairly narrow and densely populated with cars and people.
Don't worry, I've heard you can steal an airplane from a Sasquatch wearing fingerless gloves in Red Dead Redemption.
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User Info: Type0Hero

7 years ago#6
Oh, how I dream of air-o-plane

User Info: mbo123

7 years ago#7
if u guys wanna fly air plains just play San Andreas 2

User Info: XLT_EDGE

7 years ago#8
Liberty City only has that one airport and as said before its too small for planes. I wouldn't mind planes on floats though like the dodo I think it was called in the previous GTA games. There's enough water around so that would make more sense.

User Info: AStrangeFellow

7 years ago#9
The English language called, it wants its virginity back.
"The English language was carefully, carefully cobbled together by three blind dudes and a German dictionairy." -Dave Kellet

User Info: K3wlness

7 years ago#10
I remember that one helicopter that could float on water, the Sea Sparrow was it? That would be fun.

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