Kids and animals in GTA - revisited

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User Info: GTA4Lyf

7 years ago#1
Yes, a much debated issue.

Yes, people say no because of the intense media pressure that Rockstar will face (actually, face again considering the amount of press from the infamous Hot Coffee incidence).

But hear me out:

RDR had a full ecosystem of animals, of which you could kill any as you please. Shoot dogs, cats, cows, horses, bears etc. I'm surprised the media hasn't been all over it.

So I'm thinking: It's ok to have certain things in the right context, according to the media and this screwed up society. Pet poodle can't be shot because its cruel, but by all means kill that darn stray dog with rabies. Topless on the beach - perfectly ok. Topless in shopping centre - get arrested for indecent exposure.

I'm not saying these are good things, no they are far from it, but I find the inconsistencies quite hypocritical.

We should have a DLC where children and animals are included, and a disclaimer note saying what it contains. Shops and retails don't need to sell this. We can just DL it straight from sony/ MS so banning it from stores isn't an issue. Plus, little kids can't get access to it coz they don't have credit cards.

In order to counter the media, they should do the following: put stray animals, and farm animals because they are "contextually relevant" to the city and country side respectively, and argue that RRD had no problem with the press with its western contextual theme, so whats the issue now.

For children, they should put children in areas like inside school buildings, and make it the moment you enter the building, you can't use your fists/weapons. Just adds a touch of realism, without all the fuss from the press. And definitely in cutscenes, and even perhaps in missions involving protecting the child from harm.
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User Info: ShadowNeverDies

7 years ago#2

As long as you didn't kill the kids and they just got freaked out that's fine (points to Fallout 3). Haven't played New Vegas yet so I don't know if they changed it for that one.

User Info: CoronelLink

7 years ago#3
I agree. What about Fable II? I haven't tried it but can't you hurt civilians? The creators can program the game so whatever can hurts the kids goes through them instead and they come out unscathed, or do the old Diver game thing where try as hard as you wanted you couldn't hurt the pedestrians even IF you got a piece of them. Also AO stuff. Now I ain't no perv nor am I a sadist but it's all about REALISM and CHOICES. It lets you get lost in the game instead of thinking: "Damn!! I thought it was gonna do this" and dwell on things the game should have had instead of appreciating the things it does have. While sort of on topic, GTA SHOULD HAVE HAD VEHICLE UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION, the more the better. The Dukes had a lot of potential!!! Imagine it popping wheelies!! BADASS!!!!! This is my two cents (more like half a dollar).

User Info: pilot872

6 years ago#4

yeah why hasnt fallout 3 got into trouble i go around a corner and a slave child heads explodes to bits. and squirts all over ground

User Info: Kuroda99

6 years ago#5
Why in the world........

User Info: MBXfilms

6 years ago#6
After Red Dead I don't think animals would be a problem for GTA. If it is then you can tell the media is insane since they said nothing about Red Dead, and I doubt GTA would have a SKINNING option.

Kids of course is still there for debate. Cutscene only or only in areas with no attacking allowed shouldn't have to be some sort of protected addition, that could be in no problem. Making them just as open as the other civilians would be I'm sure.

User Info: whoTHAthugINthr

6 years ago#7
It's funny how killing a man or woman is some how less "cruel" than killing a kid or animal in a VIDEO GAME.
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User Info: grenadeer09

6 years ago#8

Yes, a much debated issue indeed.

But, I for one, am NOT going with the idea of putting killable kids and/or babies in a video game.

Believe me, I LOVE game violence. The shooting, the stabbing, the gore, everything about it thrills me. But I think killing a child is a bit over the line.

"But WHY is it over the line?" you may ask. For one reason: Children are defenseless

Killing a police officer in a video game is okay with me, because the officer had everything in his power to retaliate against me. Same thing with killing a civillian, wether it be male or female. They could have chosen to run at me and try to punch me, but they instead run away like normal. Not that trying to punch me would make any difference, they'd still get shot.

But I just don't have the heart to kill a child. They can't do anything about it because they're young.

User Info: Hotel_Security

6 years ago#9
"But WHY is it over the line?" you may ask. For one reason: Children are defenseless most cases, animals are less defenseless since they don't even know the harm is coming.

For two, most of the NPCs in these games are just as "defenseless." Point a gun at any goofball in the street and they put their hands up and beg for their lives or they run away. The same would happen if you did it to a kid. To pretend that killing a kid in a video game is any worse than killing an adult is just falling into the same "child worship" that the rest of this country falls into where we cater half our laws and try to take away freedoms for fear that a child's precious innocence would be shattered. To say that killing a cop in a video game is perfectly fine but killing a kid is terrible is really hypocritical.

I doubt Rockstar cares either way but they probably didn't want to deal with the headache of media people freaking out over kids dying in a video game. Remember when Bully came folks thought it'd be kids killing each other without ever seeing the game. They don't forget that type of stuff.

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User Info: Snake112692

6 years ago#10

if you are able to kill animals in RDR, you should be able to kill kids in gta. its only right

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