how do you parachute

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User Info: banned05

7 years ago#1
what button do you use to activate your parachute? do you have to purchase a parachute to use one or do you always have one? thx

User Info: wolfjts

7 years ago#2
first u get ur parachute switch to it hit RT and when u fall from a high distance press A

User Info: banned05

7 years ago#3
how do u get your parachute

User Info: hellslinger

7 years ago#4
After the first mission were you do use it you get a call from one of your friends (forgot who) who says they now have them, call him and go to his truck and you can pick it up for 100$.


7 years ago#5
Is the parachute in the Lost & Damned and Ballad of Tony?

User Info: ricochet188

7 years ago#6

It's only in BoGT. And if you dont want to have to go buy a parachute all the time, there's a cheat to get one instead if you're not whining achivement whore and don't mind missing out on a few achivements..

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