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User Info: balla130

7 years ago#1

has all the trades down but only problems are that some of the numbers are wrong and Gilbert Arenas isnt on the Wizards

User Info: balla130

7 years ago#2
anyone else have this problem?

User Info: DLamar

7 years ago#3
Arenas isn't supposed 2 be on the wizards.
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User Info: Masterreborn

7 years ago#4
Who told you Arenas is not on the Wizards? He is of course suspended for the rest of the season, but he is still under contract with the team.

User Info: Carydogg

7 years ago#5
I think that's the way most sports game devs handle those situations. If a player is suspended, they remove him from the roster. Not 100% on this, but I'm almost sure I've seen EA do the same thing with either Live or Madden.
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User Info: davethecat

7 years ago#6
No, You're right Careydogg. Thats what they did for Vick, Plaxico Burress etc.

I know, that's Madden, but the same principle still carries over.
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User Info: balla130

7 years ago#7
damn...that sucks well thanks for the info

User Info: theburninator77

7 years ago#8
That's why I don't rely on 2K for roster updates... there are plenty of people who upload rosters, and usually theirs are better than 2K's official ones.

User Info: Dreamental

7 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Orator1

7 years ago#10
Ok what are you talking other people have better roster updates. That only works for names...Roster ratings are set by 2k, stupid. 2k roster updates is the only update what a ......... anywayI am happy with the trades wish there were more. but all is good.
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