Stats/Rosters from the 1991 Game

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User Info: BA2929

7 years ago#1
Seems like there's a lot of confusion on what year this game was taken from. It's from the 1991 SNES game and has the rosters from 1990:

"The new game actually uses code from the SNES version, the 1991 version of the game," Throwback producer Mike Fahrny said in an interview with ESPN."

So, if you're a Pats fan you get the 1990 roster and the great players that went 1-15.
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User Info: roboccs

7 years ago#2

You're wrong. The SNES game came out in 1994 so Throwbackit has the 1993/1994 rosters because it was a port of that game. The NES game was th3 1991 rosters.

User Info: MOATS7798

7 years ago#3
Yea, it is the 93 season, when editing the rosters with the 93 rosters, the jerseys numbers all match up 100% all the way through.....try doing that with the 1990/91 rosters and you'll see it doesn't.....

User Info: ScriptedError

7 years ago#4
Bo Jackson isn't in this game...because his last year was 1991...the rosters are based on the 1993 Season, although I appreciate you making a topic to try and direct people to an answer to the confusion.

I repeat...1993 is the year all the players are from.
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User Info: TheYurpman

7 years ago#5
There is absolutely no way the rosters are from 1990.

User Info: BigTex1979

7 years ago#6
"Using code" has nothing to do with rosters ... he's talking gameplay.
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