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User Info: SvV_Ying

8 years ago#1

A lot of people are interested in player ratings. Not everybody has access to de demo so I thought a thread with all official ratings would be nice. Note that only official ratings are listed, you can get these ratings from the demo or from demo's at Cologne and official screenshots of the FIFA 10 website for example.

Note: I won't put the complete teams here because there are a lot of youngsters who are mid 50-60's, I will place the ratings of the better known players and best players of the club. Also note that some players have to be put in different position to get the noted rating.


Arshavin 87Fabregas 87Van Persie 84Eduardo 83Rosicky 83Nasri 82Walcott 82


Messi 90Ibrahimovic 88Puyol 88Iniesta 87Xavi 87Henry 85Alves 85Marquez 84Abidal 83Toure 83Valdes 83Pique 82Keita 82Milito 82Maxwell 80Henrique 78Bojan 77Busquets 76Gudjohnsen 75


Ribery 88Gomez 85Klose 84Lahm 84Tymoschuk 84Toni 82Olic 81Schweinsteiger 81Demichelis 81Van Bommel 80Van Buyten 79Altintop 79Pranjic 78Rensing 77Butt 77Breno 75Braafheid 75Sosa 75


Essien 88Terry 87Lampard 87Carvalho 85Drogba 85Anelka 85Ballack 85Zhirkov 83J. Cole 83Malouda 82Alex 82Deco 82A. Cole 82Pizarro 81Mikel 81Kalou 80Bosingwa 79Ivanovic 79Belletti 78Ferreira 78Shevchenko 77

Chicago Fire

Blanco 77Mcride 73


Julio Ceasar 89Eto'o 87Cambiasso 86Motta 85Milito 85Samuel 85Lucio 85Maicon 84Zanetti 81Mancini 81


Del Piero 88Diego 86Chiellini 86Amauri 85Camoranesi 85Cannavaro 83Trezeguet 83Laquinta 83Melo 82Legrottaglie 82Giovinco 81Sissoko 79Grygera 78Caceres 78Poulsen 77Molinaro 75


Ledesma 81


Gerrard 88Torres 88Carragher 85Kuyt 84Aqualani 83


Tavanno 78

Manchester City

Toure 87Robinho 86Adebayor 84Tevez 82Wright P. 81Bellamy 80De Jong 77

Manchester United

Vidic 88Rooney 87Ferdinand 87Beratov 85


Gonzales 84Mandana 83Diawara 82Niang 80Cheyrou 80Ben Arfa 80Hilton 79Heinze 79Morientes 78Taiwo 78Kone 78M'Bia 78Brandao 77Bonnart 76

Real Madrid

Casillas 90Ronaldo 89Kaka 88Benzema 86Raul Albiol 84Diarra 84Pepe 84Ramos 84Xai Alonso 83


Totti 87De Rossi 85


Gasbarroni 78

If you know any other rating or know one is not correct please say so, so I can edit it.

User Info: SvV_Ying

8 years ago#2

So what are your thoughts on the ratings?

User Info: xReGreTx

8 years ago#3
casillas a 90? should be 88, julio cesar 85.

Xavi should be 88. kaka 86. Torres 84. everything else is fine

User Info: Sicario001

8 years ago#4
Van Persie should be 86 at least very underated player.

User Info: cptrydaz13

8 years ago#5
thnx a lot... do u have all the maunited ratings if so could u post them at leat the highest rated players...thnx o yeah im really interested in knowing antonio valencia's and michael owen's ratings thnx

User Info: Sr92

8 years ago#6
I think Valencia is 80 not sure about Owen though
thought a fight every now and again does make life more interesting don't you think?-Dante

User Info: SvV_Ying

8 years ago#7

These are all Man Utd. I am certain of, they are from various transferlist screenshots of Fifa 10. As soon as I know another Man Utd. rating it will be posted.

I totally agree about RVP, he is underrated and should be 86 at least

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