NEW !!!!! FIFA 10 soundtrack list

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User Info: sirmourinho

8 years ago#1

for those that are yet to see it , here is a link:

personally, this is the worst soundtrack i have ever seen. all songs on there suck big time.

what do you guys think? it will be sad if fifa 10 doesnt have custom playlists from HDD..

i will definitely be turning off all songs before i play. very poor choice of songs from EA.

User Info: CTH227

8 years ago#2

idk what your talking about all of these have potential.. you just need to let them grow on you

User Info: Iepper

8 years ago#3
The FIFA soundtrack is always pretty good. Like always most people don't know a lot of the bands but FIFA always deliver in that aspect.

But the fact that they have matt and kim's daylight makes it an automatic A+
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User Info: X MidnightSon X

X MidnightSon X
8 years ago#4
the soundtrack isnt bad.
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User Info: DUBTuner

8 years ago#5
Does anyone here remember that song Helicopter, form Bloc Party, back in FIFA 06? This "Not Thinking Straight" song from FIFA 10 kinda reminded me of Helicopter.
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User Info: The_king_of_RI

8 years ago#6
Yay Datarock.

User Info: sebaslizarazu

8 years ago#7
REALLY good poteantial
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User Info: PROJECKT_679

8 years ago#8
i think its pretty descent even better with Cut off your Hands whoooo good kiwi music

User Info: Cj_grove

8 years ago#9
Another FIFA soundtrack I don't like, I guess I'll never see one in my music taste

User Info: ThaddeusYoung21

8 years ago#10
we go through this every year. EA can't please everyone's musical tastes. i love hardcore screamo music, but i enjoy the fifa soundtrack every year. they always put in songs by everyone's never heard of (a few are an exception) but in the end, the songs end up growin on everyone. i find myself singing them after i listen to them all the time. lol
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