how can I Smash home a volley in the Arena??

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User Info: hgarza52

7 years ago#11
I dont know what I am not getting in here... I tried the rainbow (both) they didnt work, score a goal from a rebound from the keeper which didnt hit the ground didnt count... to the las poster, how does the keeper has to throw it so I can volley it? how do you volley? I see on the control help menu its hold LS up, but that makes the player run...

anymore help... not getting the accomplishment

User Info: cee1003

7 years ago#12
A volley means you kick the ball while it is in the air (half volley means you kick it off of a bounce) without taking a touch. If you flick it up using juggling (LT+RB, then flick forward on the RS to make the ball go up) and then kick it you should be fine. The keeper doesn't charge you until you're like 8 yards away, so figure out the distance where he'll stay back and then do the juggling flick and volley it.

If that doesn't work you should be more specific about what EXACTLY you did.

User Info: hgarza52

7 years ago#13
ok did the juggling + flick up + kick it in the air without bouncing + score goal = no accomplishment... did the rainbow with the complete volley + score goal = no accomplishment... does it work by volleying it to myself? I read on another thread that it has to be volley from some one else... but in the arena Im by myself...

User Info: ssjwappy

7 years ago#14
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: hgarza52

7 years ago#15
well with all respect I dont think its me... its just that I did everything in my knowledge to do it, but cant figure it out, thats why I came for help here, so that you guys can help me... I also did the volley that didnt bounce until it hit the net.. and nothing... so I dont konw what Im doing wrong...

User Info: zeelo25

7 years ago#16
wow, are you an idiot? forget about the accomplishment then if you can't even figure that one out on your own.

He's an idiot and you're a jackass. I guess it's an even swap then, eh? Jeez, man...relax. He's just looking for help.

TC, have you tried holding LT and hitting up 3x? That flicks the ball up in the air so you can hit the volley. If I remember correctly, that's how I got the achievement. If not, keep shooting at him until you get a rebound that's in the air, then volley that sucker into the net.

User Info: hgarza52

7 years ago#17
thanks for your answer, but tried that, volley it up after juggling and nothing... did the keeper rebound in the air and volley it in and nothing... I think my game its glitched or something... ill keep trying I guess... but bad luck for me could it be?

User Info: iGinger

7 years ago#18
i got mine on a rebounder from the cross bar
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User Info: hardball1669

7 years ago#19
Theres a skill move when you go under the list of skill moves you have to do to get to 5* skill that mentions volleying. Do it, shoot, score thats how i did it.

User Info: Xopoliz

7 years ago#20
I did it by Juggling flicking it to do the side and smashing it in.
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  3. how can I Smash home a volley in the Arena??

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