FIFA 09 better than FIFA 10?

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User Info: olrion

7 years ago#1

After much deliberating I have found FIFA 10 less enjoyable to play than FIFA 09.

I will confess that FIFA 09 was much easier to play and it didn't take me long to master the Legendary skill level. But FIFA 10 it tough, even on Professional. It is much harder to score than the previous version, a majority of my one on ones now go straight at the keeper of miles wide and AI players possess inhuman power and speed even on professional setting.

What I have found in FIFA 10 is the following, which hinders it from being more enjoyable than FIFA 09. This is based on playing on professional level:

Goalkeepers save pretty much everythingShooting is worse than before. In FIFA 09 shooting was perhaps a little too easy but in FIFA 10 you have three options keeper saves (70&), shoot miles wide (20%) and score (10%).Computer AI are difficult to score against but you can easiy go through a season without conceeding a single goal.Players don't react quick enough for a one-two. In FIFA 09 players would pass and immediatly run towards goal. In FIFA 10 players pass, wait a little while and then briskly jog into an attacking area where they are unlikely to get the ball back. AI players are stronger and faster than ever. In FIFA 09 you had to notch up the skill level to World Class and Legendary to turn AI players into the Incredibles but on Professional in FIFA 10 even Rooney gets mauled off the ball by everyone. Heading in attacking areas are impossible to get on target. Any header I win seems to go either miles wide or mile over!

If any of these quarms are fixable please let me know.

I'm not just bitter beacuse I can't win as much as before, it is frustrating to play on a lesser level to dominate games and to draw 0-0 most of the time, rarely being troubled by the AI attack.

User Info: clamplover

7 years ago#2
Agreed. Fifa 10 overall had some very positive adjustments, but they simply SCREWED UP the shots and the headers.

Seriously it's not a matter of being realistic, Luis Fabiano would NEVER miss the chances he miss in FIFA 10.

Goals from corners are pretty rare now too even though they happen frequently (well almost) in real matches.

Hope they fix everything in Fifa 11.

User Info: ssjwappy

7 years ago#3
You just aren't good at football games. Whilst I do have to agree on certain points. most of those points are pretty much the cause of you failing at the game.

try online clubs. it's sweet and always work perfect. ( except if you're an 'any' controlling random defenders rated 37 - 62 overall.

User Info: olrion

7 years ago#4
Duh, I just said that I mastered the last game and I have mastered all the games before it. If I can't score a one on one with Rooney in ten attempts because of awesome goalkeeping that is EAs fault, not mine! I'm not on Xbox live so I can't try online clubs. Is that going to make the goalkeepers more human and less impossible to score against........I seriously doubt it. I'm actually disappointed with EA this year. They had a great receipe for FIFA and they ruined it with the 'improvements' for FIFA 10. I couldn't put FIFA 09 down but I can barely pick FIFA 10 up, I never thought that would be the case....tut, tut.

User Info: TiberiusandNero

7 years ago#5
I think whether you enjoy fifa 10 really depends on the person. Some people find it just as fun and challenging as 09 but others seem to find it too hard and/or unrealistic

User Info: PuffNicky

7 years ago#6
You just have to stick at it mate, I was terrible at shooting for a while but I have improved quite a bit. I'm currently playing on Legendary difficulty in Manager Mode as Middlesbrough, and have been mostly succesful.

The main problem I find is the strength of the AI, and the way the ref seems to let them get away with murder yet I get pulled up for just slightly touching them sometimes. I was running the ball once and a defender ran in for a shoulder charge, failed, then tried again but this time he bounced off and my guy got yellow carded.

But if you can get a good running flow and practice shooting you should be pretty succesful on any difficulty. I may sound like one of those people from weight loss commercials, but if I can do it, anyone can. - "No Mercy Royal Rumble!" championship belt courtesy of BMISTRO. (will not be staked)

User Info: BRfan333

7 years ago#7
My biggest issue is with the goal keepers coming out on their own free will. I liked in 09 that for the most part you controlled whether the keeper would come out or not. In 10 the keeper comes out way too far to try and cut down the angle of the shot on his own and it usually results in a the opposing player chipping it in for an easy goal. Is there a way to prevent the keeper from leaving the goal?
XBL: Bock McClock
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