Do not use Item Drop Rate words when farming!

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User Info: bthalz

6 years ago#1
Hi everyone. Just tested something on this game (a few different times) and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere so I thought I would in case people were still having problems farming rare item from enemies. First off, if you are farming, DO NOT use words that give you increased item drop rate. This will only prevent you from getting very rare drops, at least as easily.

One example I was farming memory alloys for about 3 hours and did not get a single one. Once I removed the Item Drop Rate word I was able to get 5 in about 45 minutes. All that word seems to do is give you a better chance at getting a regular drop so if you have a better chance at getting a regular drop, then the chance for a rare drop becomes even less. I also tried this when farming broken earrings and was not getting any, so I removed the word and they started dropping all the time so I figured I was on to something.

Just thought this might be helpful for people that are finding all the farming very tedious and would like any help they can get. Could just be my luck though so if anyone else tries this and it works for them, be sure to let us know.
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User Info: johanlee

6 years ago#2
hmm I'll give it a try, still looking for broken wristwatches

User Info: SuperSocrates

6 years ago#3
Hmmm, interesting. I'll check it out, though I suppose it's probably just luck...
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

6 years ago#4
I don't know about this. I have heard about both ways, both using and not using item drop rate words working better for rare drops. However, I am sure that setting difficulty to hard does increase drops.

That being said, since I started using +25% item drop words, I seem to be getting much more Titanium alloys than Memory, while before it was about 50-50 between them. However, for getting Forlorn Necklaces, i got all 4 within an hour. But Forlorn Necklaces and Broken Earrings are blue drops, so I think that may be different than "rare" orange drops.

I think this would depend on how exactly drop %'s actually work. Is it:
1) Each enemy has a drop table that includes no drop at all, for example:
Item A - 10%
Item B - 30%
No item - 60%
2) There is a % chance for whether an item drops or not, then, if it is determined that an item will drop, there is a new drop % table for what item is actually dropped, ex:
Drop - 25%
No Drop - 75%
If item is dropped, then:
Item A - 25%
Item B - 75%

From here on, I lost my trail of thought. The surest way would be of course to look in the game code, but that's not really possible (for most)...
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