Where to catch sardines?

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User Info: Demoskinos85

7 years ago#1
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User Info: Luc_Landjogger

7 years ago#2
Use lugworms in the same spot you caught shaman fish. You can catch sardines where the old man is on the Seafront warf but you get a lot of other fish too.
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User Info: slipknotfan288

7 years ago#3
Where do you get the bait from? I only have found the seafront, the junk yard place and where you start but I can't find anyone who sells them.
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User Info: Cuddie415

7 years ago#4
guy in seafront sells the bait... if you head north from the beach where you first get your pole he is the first vendor on your right

User Info: pacahmyhead

7 years ago#5
Where can I get rainbow trout, and what kind of bait should I use?

User Info: beam1249

7 years ago#6
in the northern plain by the place you climb the ladder to get to the junk yard. just use the regular lure.

User Info: UberFunk83

7 years ago#7
One small note: the bait and fish sellers get new items when you complete a level of the fishing gambit quest. So after you get the first level of it done (10 sardines), the bait/tackle seller and/or fish vendor will have them for sale. After the second level, you'll be able to buy blow fish (from fish vendor) and carp (from bait seller).
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