upgrade weapons trophy

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User Info: bringwind

7 years ago#1
30 weapons max upgrade trophy

Has anyone attempted this yet? How long did you take to farm all the materials and are all materials accessible in new game +?

User Info: Poramies

7 years ago#2
Yep, they are. Missing only 2 weapons currently, it's a massive grind :P 68 hours in now, 74% trophies

User Info: lilbumkid

7 years ago#3
got it yesterday, hands down the most aggravating trophy i have ever gotten in a game, the drop rates are trash on most items.

User Info: KiraYamatoDaMan

7 years ago#4
I'm missing the weapons that require broken earings and forlorn necklaces. 88% on the game now
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User Info: bringwind

7 years ago#5
any tips on farming some of the shade dropped items? 99% of the time they just drop consumables for me.

User Info: DJ_Jazzy_Jeff

7 years ago#6
Apparantly playing on Easy gives better drop rates, so switch it to Easy when farming items.
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