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User Info: CommanderJairus

7 years ago#1
Hi all,

I took the liberty of writing out the documents from loading screens on Nier and they actually put together an interesting back-story but maybe create more questions than give answers. I spent half an hour waiting for new documents to appear but these were all I could find. Would be grateful if others can add so we can all understand more about this great game.

Case Report 05/18/2004

Mutations found in subcutaneous cell structure.
Rise in mental disorders believed to be caused by external factors.
Airborne transmission most likely mechanism.

Research into effective treatments underway.


Damage Report 02/06/2008

Wall of jericho collapsed.
5000 people believed dead.
Requests for reinforcements streaming in from multiple locations.

We continue to monitor the situation.


Founder Research Report 06/06/2010

Physical attacks useless.
Thermonuclear attacks useless.
Unknown paritcles have been detected.

Dealing with the situation will require proving the multi-origin theory.


New Medication Cycle 02/09/2016

Observed to slow the progress of white chlorination.
No unusual readings seen in subject.
Send records directly to Cabinet Command Room.


Death Confirmation 03/01/2030

Body 99.999% likely that of Red Eye
Death of Red Eye confirmed
13th Expeditionary Force ordered home
Legion movements untraceable.


New Technology Report 08/07/2032

Although the resultant white chlorination syndrome
infection makes ours an imperfect solution, we have
reason to expect some positive results. Testing will
begin on the previously selected subjects:
recordkeeping on the procedure's safety is top


World Purification Commission Report 09/30/2032

The first detatchment is functioning properly.
However, continued caution will be required well
into the future. A disscussion about dealing with
relapse cases will be deffered to the next conference


Abnormalities 06/23/2033

Several deleterious abnormalities have been found
with a subject in the early stages of treatment,
including a relapse state resulting in total loss
of self. We will investigate the cause of this error
and submit a countermeasure plan immediately.


Successful Test Case 01/15/2034

A succesful test case has been discovered and
detained. The specimen's cooperation has been
requested according to predetermined
stipulations. Treatment of the specimen will
continue on a classified basis until we determine
why our results have such a wide range of variations.


Transition into Sleep Mode 12/28/2034

Transition into sleep mode is proceeding smoothly.
All that remains is to pray for Project Gestalt's
ultimate success.

May God have mercy on us all.


Summer 2049

Story begins.


The Father's story begins.



Story resumes 5 years after Yonah's abduction.


User Info: CommanderJairus

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Khainox

7 years ago#3
Thank you this is much appreciated.

User Info: Dark_ManX

7 years ago#4
yh thx for this!!

and where can i see/read the yonah's diary??

there're some pages that only appear to me a few seconds...
"by th end of th game its pretty much going to be all 1HKOs for both u and enemies, so if u can call that balance, then yh its balanced"Deadly_kotetsu

User Info: CommanderJairus

7 years ago#5
You're very welcome, glad you've found it interesting :) I haven't taken notes of Yonah's Diary because as far as I can see, it is just little snippets of her life, unrelated to the games core story, and most of what she writes is meaningless. I am hoping to add to the documents soon once I manage to find some more.

Thanks :D

User Info: Elyon

7 years ago#6
I only wish you had marked spoilers in the thread title, because now everyone has to go out of their way to mark their own spoilers or they'll get modded for no warning. Ugh.
Cyril: Not so innocent.
The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n.

User Info: CommanderJairus

7 years ago#7
I know, my bad sorry. Realised after my post, but couldn't see an edit button. Yet to be fair, the reports aren't spoilers because they are backstory and on loading screens, and I do make a point of saying that these are things I've noticed on my fifth playthrough. But I do accept I should've marked as spoliers. Appoligies.

User Info: Duke_Vassago

7 years ago#8
The main spoiler is the last entry in your timeline, the last line of text typed out. Past that, there aren't any spoilers to be seen.
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