Before Entering Final Dungeon *Possible Spoilers*

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User Info: Mystearical

7 years ago#1

Okay so I just finished the last quest with 100% and ready to enter the final dungeon.... but I got a few questions before I do so

1- I noticed there are a bunch of trophies for beating bosses within a certain time limit... and I read that you start new game + at part 2... so is it safe to say that those bosses (since I missed those trophies) are also in Part 2? Or did I miss out on those trophies and need to re-start again?

2- For my weapon/magic... should I have 25% drop rate or exp rate? LV28 here... and I'm thinking two things... 1- See question 1... so more exp is good for timed trophies... but 2- I have not maxed any weapon at all! So maybe there are drops worth getting for forging in the Shadowlord's Castle? Is this the case?

3- At what point should I start forging weapons in new game +... 'cause I noticed that Aerie does not exist anymore and that is the only spot I know of with an Eagle Egg

4- For Lightspeed Fighter... is the only way to get it through new game (instead of new game + where you have superior levels)?

5- Anything else before entering the final dungeon?

That's it for now and thanks

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User Info: solo_blade

7 years ago#2
1) Trophies are tied to part 2 bosses, you'll be fine.
2) Doesn't matter that much.
3) You'll start back at the beginning of part 2, and the Aeries will be there; Start forging whenever you feel like it. It'll be terribly painful no matter when you start.
4) New game I think, though it's much faster than you think.
5) Nope. Go in and enjoy.
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User Info: Thanatos2k

7 years ago#3
1. All the trophies are for the part 2 bosses, including the first fight against the boar in the final dungeon. I recommend doing them during your third playthrough when attempting ending C, because there are no new scenes during the third playthrough so you can mass skip the pre and post boss scenes and speed through the fights for the trophies.

You obviously don't want to rush through on your first playthrough and there is additional content the second time.

2. Drop rate always. Level is not really important, but a few lucky rare drops while playing the game normally (like Subdued bracelets from the flying shades in the final dungeon for example) can enormously help out if you were going to forge all weapons to max for the trophy.

3. You can get the eagle eggs during new game+ during the time period that the Aerie exists.

4. Yes, a full new game. I did mine after getting ending D. Since you know what you're doing, you can beat it in like 6 hours or less.

5. Even if there was, you can get it on a new game+.

User Info: Mystearical

7 years ago#4
Perfect... thanks for the responses! Time to enjoy the final dungeon... on another note I'm a retard 'cause I lost the Iron Pipe (never picked it up)... next play-through I guess

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User Info: Mystearical

7 years ago#5
NVM talked to the woman again and got it this time ^_____^

Final dungeon time!!
PSN: Mystearical ~Add me~
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