Patch 1.9 cannot find the game...

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User Info: kopo007

6 years ago#11
If you are a legit user and still have problem, proceed in this order:

-Update to 1.8 first and try update to 1.9
-If it work, then good for you if it doesn't continue
-copy update patch to your root folder and install
-If dx11 and hi-res patches have the same problem then also copy it to root folder and install it there...

It work perfectly for me and my friends, hope it does the same for you:)

"beobandit" May be it is because of my English but what you just said, I couldn't understand it at all...

User Info: mizifih

6 years ago#12

Hey guys. I've tried everything you suggested but no donuts for me.

1. Tried changing the drive letters but Windows don't let me change C drive, so I can't make D become C (as easy as 1,2,3, a,b,c, 1,2,3 baby you and me girl! LOL)
2. Tried moving the update installer to the same folder/path where the game was installed. Guess woot? FAIL! Patch don't give a f#$%& about that.
3. Tried installing patch 1.8. Guess woot? Same problem. It can't find the game (LAME).
4. Tried using Command Prompt (A.K.A. Windows Terminal) sending the folder where the game is installed as a parameter. Then... FAIL!

Can't thing about anything else. EA really failed. Why not asking where the game is installed? I mean, why not!? It's so simple I can code that!

User Info: thlump

6 years ago#13
If you used a crack to play the game the patch won't find the game. I think the patch checks for the correct hash when looking for the Crysis2.exe file, if it is a correct hash the patch will proceed.

If this is not the case then I don't know what's the problem

User Info: mizifih

6 years ago#14

I don't know what happened, but in the end I tried replacing both .exe with the files found on the DVD (root) and then tried updating. It found the game after I done that. The thing is, I was not using a crack, I'm legit! I don't know if I have updated the game before, maybe that was the problem, I really don't know.

But I had a different problem now. The patch kinda stop responding during the installation, after about 40, maybe 45% installed.

I had to remove the installation and make a new one. Then everything worked, both installation and v1.9 update patch with no hustle.

EA patch is a b$&ch anyways. Go figure!?

User Info: chishansen

6 years ago#15
Dammit, look at my nickname cHishansen... i REALLY have to fix my R key...
anyways... I was looking for the solution then I came here.
This patch can't find a cracked game for a simple reason: It's a "way" to avoid piracy. At least I guess it is. And, off course it didn't work.
But yeah, it's a pain in the neck the fact they don't give the chance to tell the patch where the f you game is.
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