theres no way this is using the complete ps3 gaming power..?

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User Info: asz_2

6 years ago#1

after reading the ign article about how the MP seems to be a crap port... im pretty certain that crytek have tried pulling a fast one by saying were going to give the ps3 users the best graphically blah blah etc. version.

GDC footage of Battlefield 3 just totally blows the graphics of this game out the water and i must say although its a long way away, it will probably run smooth too when out.

I think we should just come to the notion that Crytek isn't the huge power horse it claims to be when producing a console game, they just don't have the experience and i think its going to be the difference between the 2 consoles, and the pc version what with the PS3 being the hardest one to program for.

its sad us PS3 users get short changed because developers dont bother learning how to get the best from the console.

that said im still hoping ign suck and we get a really good game, the rest is probably going to be reserved judgement from the demo (15th march).

User Info: mikedutches

6 years ago#2

Make 720p, fullscreen, watch, then return here.

Does that look like crap to you? That IGN article is lathered in fail.
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User Info: aaroncort

6 years ago#3
The battlefield 3 videos are from a 3000 dollar pc. That won't look nearly as good as the videos on consoles
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User Info: Blaque_Ravage

6 years ago#4
I also dont believe crysis 2 on the PS3 is utilizing the PS3 totally just look at example Killzone 2 and 3 no jaggies and amazing textures with no pop in.

BUT looking at some recent vids for the PS3 it still looks good and plays good and isnt as bad as IGN puts it. but still the flaws shown shouldnt even be there if the devs had truly used the PS3 capabilities.
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User Info: all_that_juice

6 years ago#5
I still trust Crytek over a random poster.
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User Info: aznflameboi

6 years ago#6
I trust in Crytek over IGN...
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User Info: godplaysSNES

6 years ago#7
Multiplayer is pretty stale, but at least the single player seems to be more dynamic...And dynamic stuff takes more power to do
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User Info: Baeshin

6 years ago#8
i have no reason to trust crytek an i dont believe they have pushed either console to the max. I will keep an out out for info as i dont mind being proven wrong. Im very interested in seeing the retail version of the game running on all 3 systems.

On a side note,those battlefield vids are running on beast pc's. Im betting a huge amount of people wont see the game running like that on their pc's. Im also gonna assume consoles wont look half as good either.I cant wait for footage and screen shots to come rolling in though.
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User Info: NfuzedGamer

6 years ago#9
Ill bet that the full retail version on PS3 will run awesome on Single Player every one tends to not get the fact Crytek UK formely Free Radical is developing the MP crytek themselves have nothing to do with how MP runs, Look at medal of Honor crap single player from Danger Close of EA but the multiplayer looked alot better Dice developed it, same situation here, The SP Campaign will look and feel different
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User Info: Mark355

6 years ago#10
No game today will fully Utilize the PS3s power. it's all about optimisation, and that requires alot of trial and error, it's a painstaking process. The difference between the 360, and the PS3, is simple. PS3 has a better processor, and Xbox has a better graphics card. Some games use more processing power to run then graphical power, it's all about how the developers optimise the game. Developers like naughty dog and Guerilla optimise their games to use the raw processing power more then the GPU, when a game is ported from the 360 to the ps3, generally it will use more graphics then processor, so they lower the overall graphics settings to make it run smoother, my pc is old, very very very old, good, can run most games today really well, but it's still old, and I can run Crysis 2 on it maxxed on high resolutions with zero frame rate drops. I can tell you honestly this game is very well optimised. And optimising games for PC is much harder then doing it for consoles. so don't worry, if there are any differences between the versions, they will be barely noticeable.
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  3. theres no way this is using the complete ps3 gaming power..?

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