skill kill boost

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User Info: maverick1891

5 years ago#1
Need 5 people, if interested, to get the skill kill trophy. Post psn name. Not very hard to get a game going since some play types aren't even played. I will be on all weekend.

User Info: DeafPanda

5 years ago#2
ID: DeafPanda92
Need: Blind Fury, Relentless, Psycho and Road Rage

User Info: gensii

5 years ago#3
I need the psycho skill kill as well, so count me in my PSN:gensii

User Info: HoBoS

5 years ago#4
They are all really easy to get. Just play FFA exclusively, and you'll get them eventually. Got my psycho at like level 48.
" yes you are [an alcoholic], you're just on sabbatical" -Starfirepenguin

User Info: MexicanBear

5 years ago#5
yeah i just need psycho too, PSN is the same as username.
Thank you kindly
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