Gold Brick Emergency

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User Info: xjericho

5 years ago#1
Hey guys,

I am having trouble locating the final gold brick of the 200. My brick locator goes off in Diagon Alley pointing left at its entrance (I can't find a way to go that way). It also goes off in the Diagon Alley shops and points directly downward. Is this a common thing or does this ring any bells as to which gold brick this is. If there is any way you can help me out, that'd be great. Thanks in advance for your help.
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User Info: Kratos15354

5 years ago#2
It's most likely the one in Eeylop's Owl Emporium. Build the sweeper and drive it over all the dusty patches on the floor. Some of them are hard to see, so keep going all over if you can't see any more dust and haven't made the brick appear yet.
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