1200MSP confirmed for Shadow Complex!

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User Info: SeahorseCpt89

8 years ago#11
Can I buy this as a retail game? I heard a long time ago that this game is going to take up like 2GB or something.
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User Info: Wheresmyslaw

8 years ago#12
This will be more than worth what they're asking. I'll pay it gladly.
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User Info: Junta

8 years ago#13
Someone confirmed the game is about 880mb actually. Still pretty big but far more acceptable of a DL than 2 gigs.
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User Info: Stanford

8 years ago#14
to much for an arcade game. skipped TNMT and Trials for this. :(

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User Info: Migitoneo3

8 years ago#15
TMNT was absolutely terrible. I was so pissed I paid for it. It was so repetitive after 30 minutes. And Stanford, you're missing out on a near retail-quality game if you skip this because it's five dollars more than what you've decided is acceptable.

User Info: headwounds13

8 years ago#16

From: MachineAge | #004
MvsC is HD upgrade and slight graphics update, gameplay wise complete port.

once again I'm confirmed to be the only person who enjoyed unlocking everybody.
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