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User Info: PirateKingflcl

8 years ago#1
Shadow Complex FAQ

A mostly spoiler free (I describe the power-ups to a small degree and there is a guide to a sequence break) list of Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this game?

In Shadow Complex, you and your girlfriend stumble upon a secret underground facility. The residents of this facility capture her, thinking she is a spy. It is up to you to save her from the deadly soldiers inside by traveling through the complex and using their own weapons to fight against them.

Shadow Complex is a side-scrolling, action platformer. You move on a 2D plane while your enemies move on a 3D plane. You can attack the enemies in both the foreground and background using different weapons and abilities as you work towards your goals. While the action is very heavy, the main draw of the game is the exploration aspect. As you travel through the game world, you acquire new weapons and abilities, allowing you to access previously impassable obstacles to continue gaining new weapons and abilities. There are over 100 optional collectible items hidden throughout the complex, each having an impact on what your character can do. As you progress through the complex, you will turn from a weak little kitten into a ferocious lion. Of death.

Shadow Complex's story is based on the novel Empire by Orson Scott Card. Shadow Complex takes place alongside the events of Empire and it serves as a prequel to the upcoming novel Hidden Empire. However, the story stands on it's own and does not require any familiarity with Orson Scott Card's work.

Nolan North, the voice actor for Nathan Drake in Uncharted, voices Jason Fleming.

2. How much does this game cost?

Shadow Complex costs $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points and is only available in the Xbox Live Arcade.

3. Will this game be on other systems?

Probably not. It is published by Microsoft so it will likely remain exclusive to the Xbox 360

4. Did I miss something?

If you have not yet acquired the missiles, then no, you have not missed anything required to continue the game. Just keep going.

No really, you haven't missed getting the Missiles just because every door around you seems to require them. Just keep going.

5. Did I miss the Missiles? I'm stuck and there are red doors all around me!

No! Did you even read question 4?!

...fine. If you navigate to a room surrounded by red doors, an enemy with a grappling hook, and a Bomba, then you are where you want to be. Jump on the rock to the left, and crawl through the space over the left door. Keep going left and you will reach a one way vent that drops you into a room with something very beneficial for you.

6. Is anything permanently miss-able to stop 100% item completion?

Yes, the final weapon in the game can be permanently missed.

After a sexy computer voice tells you that it is at 60% capacity, you will be able to find four components to complete it. One of these components will be accessible by lowering two platforms to create a bridge on the surface. The bridge will let you enter a special part of the complex. Carefully go through each room before entering the final room located to the left of a save point. After you have entered that room and seen the events take place, you will be unable to acquire the final weapon during the same playthrough if you did not grab it on the way there.

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User Info: PirateKingflcl

8 years ago#2
7. Can someone help me get through this room?

If the room you are referring to has: two guards, a foam Bomba, a moving platform on the ceiling, and a ladder leading upward, then you are going the wrong way. That room has two entrances and only one exit. That exit is the ladder. Go up and into the factory. Navigate with the map provided here

The map tells you that there is no entrance to that save room, but it is possible to shoot open the hatch above. (Please excuse the seemingly horrendous line job. My mouse dislikes precision moving for more than 5 seconds)

If the room has two black ops guys patrolling quite slowly while walking through impenetrable laser doors, then you need to exit your vent, walk to the left and enter the vent in the ceiling while the guards have their backs turned.

8. How do I get back to Claire after I get the Friction Dampener?

Refer to the map in question 7.

9. How do I break that blue box next to the upper right of the factory?

You need to dampen friction while going towards the lower left wall of the factory. You should travel along the wall and be under a platform with a crate above it. You need to jump to the right while keeping your momentum. You should be able to break through the boxes on the center platform. As you near the edge, jump the gap to land on the right side while you keep your speed. You should be able to go through the door and break the blue crate, revealing your prize below it.

10. How do I break the blue crate on the left side of this room? I don't have enough space for friction to be dampened!

There are two places this refers to:

After acquiring the Friction Dampener you will travel through the complex and come to a room with blue crates stacked to the right, and a single blue crate under a platform to the left. To break these, jump on the crates to the right and begin running left. You should "BOOM" and shatter the box on the left. If you continue running until you are inverted, you can jump off and you will be able to break through the crates on the right.

The second room is three map squares to the right of the first. There is a blue crate under the door on the left, and a small gap between the door and a center platform. To conquer this room, simply move two rooms to the left, then friction dampen while going back towards the right. Jump the small gap after the door and land on the center platform. Continue running until you invert yourself and start running left, then jump and you will be able to continue through the blue box. Please note, that the door behind the box requires Missiles to break.

11. Can I go back to re-collect things after beating the final boss?

Yes. After the boss has been beaten, you can return to the main menu and choose to continue your current game. As long as you go left instead of right, the boss will not trigger and you can explore the entire complex.

12. Can I turn the question marks off? or How do I turn on question marks?

The question marks will appear on the map if you are a playing on a difficulty lower than Insane. They will go away if you change the difficulty to Insane and reload from the main menu.

If you started your game on Insane, the question marks will not appear at all unless you change the difficulty and reload your game from the main menu.

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User Info: PirateKingflcl

8 years ago#3
13. What items do I need to complete the 13% Minimalist Achievement?

You should acquire Flashlight, Backpack, Four weapons, Grenades, Mask, double jump, Foam, suit, Friction Dampener, and Missiles. The game will force you to acquire a single gold bar after you get the Friction Dampener. If you have access to a certain room you can skip the first pistol in lieu of something else.

14. How do I get to the room to the left of where the pistol is obtained?

After you collect all of the gold bars, the special room will open. The contents of the room will carry over to a New Game and can be obtained before acquiring the Pistol.

15. How do I get past the oven at the end of the conveyor belt below the factory?

You can't. Ever.

16. Can you explore the whole map?

Aside from the squares to the left of the conveyor belt and the squares in the sky on the surface, the entire map can be explored except for a single square on the bottom right side of the lake. No one yet knows why this square is there or how to get into it.

17. How do I start a New Game+? What is carried over?

If you choose to start a New Game at anytime instead of continuing the campaign, all of your experience, levels, perks from levels, and the gold bar unlocked room will carry over. Everything else is reset.

18. How do I start a New Game-?

At the current time, it is unknown how to restart the game with your original level and everything else reset. The only way is to play the game with a different profile on your Xbox 360.

19. How do I do the Insurgent master challenge?

There is an excellent walkthrough by realnifty1 in the FAQs section.

You can view the video of the secret here

Just because it's found doesn't mean you have to watch it, especially if you believe knowing this secret will ruin your experience of the game for you. So watch at your own risk.

Video credit goes to Nogarda

This secret was found by cooler1339 with help from a lot of people in the 4% run topic.

20. How do I find the the last items? All my question marks are gone!

There are two possibilities:

There could be items in certain save rooms (the question mark does not show up on save rooms). You can use the guides from Question 21 to help you find these items.


You may have missed an item in the room where you obtained your Mask. The question mark on the map will disappear once the Mask is obtained, but a second item can still be acquired in that room.

21. How do I get the item at x question mark? or Where is x item?

Use the flashlight to look around the surrounding area. If you cannot see anything breakable, look for spots in the environment that block your view, these may be covering a way to the item or the item itself.

If you still cannot get it, there is an interactive map with youtube guides for each item here

Or a guide at IGN here

with comprehensive lists and instructions of how to obtain all items.
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User Info: jjoker17

8 years ago#4

User Info: NoBullet

8 years ago#5
One common question I always see here:

What do the stats do?

Stamina- Makes you take less damage,

Precision- Increases the chance of a headshot.

Accuracy- Decreases the spread of your weapons.
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User Info: dantheengineer

8 years ago#6
You should add:

How do I get to the right side of the map without triggering the final boss?

How do I get the Status Update: Single Master Challenge?
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User Info: Rebel_1852

8 years ago#7
bump for great justice!
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User Info: DarkRealityX

8 years ago#8
Thanks for this sticky, it answered a few of my questions.

I second the question about getting to the upper/right part of the map without triggering the endgame, but I just made a topic about it, so if you (TC) don't know right off, refer to that topic for help. If it's possible at all, but with all these folks (yourself included) saying that the Inertia Element is the ONLY missable item, there's gotta be a way I'm just overlooking.

Also, when you do the next version of the Sticky, you might want to elaborate on what increases map percentage. As you say, you can never explore the oven on the conveyor belt or most of the sky, so those don't count towards the map (obviously) - but what else does and doesn't? Does any sky contribute? Exterior areas? Or just interior areas aside from the oven?

Again, thanks.

User Info: PirateKingflcl

8 years ago#9
I'm considering putting the words "READ BEFORE POSTING" in the next version's title, as many people seem to disregard the sticky (despite the fact that it addresses many frequently asked questions).
Violence solves everything. If you have a problem that can't be solved with violence, you aren't using enough of it.

User Info: DarkRealityX

8 years ago#10

From: PirateKingflcl | #009
I'm considering putting the words "READ BEFORE POSTING" in the next version's title, as many people seem to disregard the sticky (despite the fact that it addresses many frequently asked questions).

It's a good idea, but don't get too worried when people still ask questions it covers. Same with people who don't search - that's me often enough, so I know how it is. It's just how things go. There are people who love to help, like myself on boards for games I know. And there are people who either feel their question hasn't been asked (either they're ignorant, they think maybe they uncovered a bug) or a post would be faster than a search (e.g. you post and go to work/bed/school - how I do it sometimes) so some fall through. Again, don't take it personally and certainly don't let it discourage you from writing a good topic to be stickied.
--- Dark Reality
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