Game breaking (almost) glitch

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User Info: Chris_Yaskoski

5 years ago#1

Tonight I encountered a pretty bad glitch in shadow complex.

I was on my way to get the hook shot. I had just beaten the boss and went through the door that auto-locks behind you, however instead of blowing up the door to the right to get the hook shot, I instead froze one of the "electric bug" guys on the ceiling and used them to climb up, go through a few doors, and ultimately flick a switch. Well the game did not like this one bit. When I went back down the way I came and blew up the red door the cut scene that gives you the switch would not start. I even tried reloading my save.

To fix it I had to climb back up without the hook shot again, and then go all the way around and back through the boss room, again through the self locking door, and finally into the hook shot room. This started the cut scene.

Anyone else experience anything similar? 

User Info: PirateKingflcl

5 years ago#2
It's not all that game breaking when you can fix it without starting a new game.

There are some glitches that will lock you out of a room, completely blocking you from collecting three different items. And that one really does need a new game to be reset.

But it's great that you fixed your problem so easily, I'm glad that you didn't have to restart over something so trivial.
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