Spawn L4D1 Survivors

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User Info: Rayman1103

7 years ago#1
You can spawn the L4D1 Survivors in any mode, in any Campaign in L4D2. Here's the code, it works best for me in Survival mode, since the L4D1 Survivors don't follow you.


sv_cheats 1
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_teenangst.mdl
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_manager.mdl
prop_physics_create survivors\survivor_biker.mdl
sb_l4d1_survivor_behavior 0
sb_add louis
sb_add zoey
sb_add francis
sv_cheats 0

It's best to save this as a CFG file, and place it in the CFG folder. You can still earn achievements after executing the CFG.

Also go here to download a version that adds Bill,

Note: I did not make these, I only found them.
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